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I love this statement because to me it's more of like, who are you to insult me? Are you important? do you hold any relevance in my life? Its' a sassy quote that helps me put things into perspective when criticism is rife. You know, when the know-it-alls want to have a say in how you live your life.


The New kid on the blog who lives for women empowerment and exudes positivity. I'm currently studying BCOM Marketing Management at Varsity college - hopeful that 2020 is my last year. In-love with my melanin and proudly a black woman. I am into a lot of things, food mostly. Always ready for a new adventure and obsessed with planning the perfect vacay.


I'd describe myself as a creative soul full of vibrance, I think vibrance is a better word than "Bright". I'm always looking to capture beauty in a unique way. A DIY girl who is always on a budget. Everything I create, I create on a budget and it mostly costs me next to nothing. I'm a huge believer in using what you have to create what you want. Never be limited by what you don't have. I think this is called resourcefulness? I personally like to think of it as being a no-shit-taking Boss Babe. You know, willing to get things done despite your circumstances. 


The Babe Blog. What was a concept turned reality, I want the babe blog to serve as a platform for inspiration and empowerment among millennial females. Collaboration over competition is what The Babe Blog is for. Uplifting and empowerment is my motto.I also want to offer something beyond inspiration and story telling that's why I incorporate lifestyle content on the blog so it's basically a one-stop-shop for all things female and powerful. 

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