If natural hair had a love language, moisture would be the way coily hair’s heart. This is because natural hair, type 4 hair to be specific, is the driest type of hair and it needs extra love and moisture. The best way to love your natural hair and unlock amazing levels of moisture is to use the 3 step moisture retention technique called the L.O.C method.

This is a moisture retention technique that has worked for many naturalistas, myself included. This technique involves a Liquid/Leave-in conditioner, Oil, and Cream. There are some people, though, who use the LCO Method but that’s a story for another day. Here’s why I prefer the LOC method:

A liquid to your natural hair, such as water, is like applying a toner to your face before face cream. The first step of the L.O.C method requires you to revive, hydrate, and of course, moisturise your hair. Plain water and a liquid-based leave-in conditioner are the perfect “toners” for your hair. Now that we’ve revived, hydrated, and moisture, what’s next? These products are water-based and water evaporates, so, we need to lock and seal in the moisture.

The first thing you need to understand about oil is that it is not a moisturised but a moisture sealant. Yes, water and oil don’t mix but there are certain oils that penetrate the hair and help your hair hold onto the water molecules. In order for your hair to hold onto the water molecules, you need to use a light oil or a combination of these oils, namely, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.

The purpose of a cream is to seal and lock in the moisture your hair received from the liquid and the cream. It might be difficult to find a cream that works for your hair and this could be related to your hair’s porosity. Hair porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. This means that if you have hair with a high porosity your hair needs cream or butter that is thick in consistency in order for the moisture to be retained. Hair with low porosity needs creams that are very light in consistency to increase the hair’s ability to absorb the moisture from the cream or butter.

To maximise the benefits of the L.O.C method, you need to apply the products from your ends and
work your way up to your roots. This is because your ends are the oldest part of your hair and the
most fragile part.

Moisture is amazing for natural hair as it leads to beautiful, defined coils and lessens your hair’s
chances of breakage. Apply the moisture from ends to roots and watch how your hair thanks you for
giving it all the love it needs.


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