The Babe Behind The Bar: Dieketseng Makae

In a generation where many millennials are starting side hustles to combat the high unemployment rate in South Africa, you'll have no trouble finding inspirational, every-day-women to aspire to. This babe is usually thousands of kilometers in the air - when she's not on the ground, hands-on with her mobile cocktail bar. Dieketseng is a flight attendant and the founder of the gorgeous Diamon Dee mobile cocktail bar.

Even with her hectic and irregular hours, she still had the courage to launch her baby with confidence. If you've got an event that needs creative, funky alcoholic or virgin cocktails and want to support a 100% female-owned business, look no further.

Dieketseng grew up in Kagiso a township situated in the Krugersdorp area west of Johannesburg. Her hardworking mother who is also an entrepreneur, has always been her motivation and has always taught her to do better and be greater. Growing up, Dieketseng had dreams of a better life for herself. From her humble beginnings, she promised herself to work hard and stay motivated to realise her dreams.

Dieketseng said she'd always had the idea of starting a mobile bar service, it came to her immediately after she finished with high school. Her idea, sparked by the thought of going out to events and simultaneously making money through her mobile bar service. Cardi B's line from Bodak yellow, "you in the club just to party I’m there I get paid a fee” inspired it all - making money while having fun.

Diamond dee offers mobile cocktail bar services at events and gatherings. They cater for Birthdays, private parties, baby showers, weddings, and social events. The alcoholic beverages available on offer are a variety of wines, beers, signature cocktails, and ciders.

I asked her if it was always her dream to become an entrepreneur and she said: " yes, I've cherished the idea of being my own boss and the growth and independence that comes with that."

I asked her how she manages Diamond Dee with being an air hostess, she replied: "It's hard sometimes, but with commitment, dedication and always reminding myself why I started, I get through. I’m currently working on bettering my time management skills to increase my efficiency."

I asked her what words of motivation would she give to young girls/women who want to start their own businesses, she said: "Just Start!!! That's all I have to stay. It doesn’t matter how, all you do is start. Also, understanding that no one is coming to save you .. you will be the beginning of greater things, so don’t wait for a miracle or funding. Everything will find you and start gravitating towards you. In the meantime be on your way and START!"

Dieketseng's story reminds me of how nothing is ever really impossible. Years back Thomas Edison imagined the light bulb, something someone back then thought was impossible. It all starts with your imagination. Never stop imagining bigger things for yourself and never stop believing in their ability to come true. you are capable. 

If you're interested in the service Dieketseng offers you can contact her here: 060 949 2767
or send her an email here:

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