Everything you need to know about the Tresemme Botanic Range

What is the difference between the TRESemmé Botanic shampoo & conditioner and Naturals collection?

Following a similar approach, inspired by nature and with the use of low sulphate shampoos, the TRESemmé Botantic collection provides three all-new targeted multi-variant ranges. These formula are designed to give you stunning, healthy-looking hair and are free from parabens and dyes. The collection also features new premium fragrances.

Are the TRESemmé Botanic formulas 100% natural?

No, Botanique is not 100% natural, however, the formulas have been tested for no parabens and were formulated without dyes. Additionally, the Moisture & Replenish range has no silicones. Each of the collections are infused with a natural signature ingredient, such as Coconut Milk, Aloe Vera, Ginger, Green Tea, Wheat Proteins, Macadamia and Avocado Oil.

Do you need to use all the products in each range for the best results?

Each product in the three ranges of the TRESemmé Botanique collection is formulated to be used together to maximize the benefits, for stunning healthy-looking hair.

How is the TRESemmé Botanic collection different from other naturally based ingredient hair care?

The TRESemmé Botanic collection is designed for curly, afro hair women who are natural-seekers that do not want to compromise on the professional-quality results they want.

It contains natural ingredients including Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Aloe Vera, Ginger, Green Tea, wheat proteins and Macadamia and Avocado oils and is formulated without parabens and dyes. The collection is designed to give you healthy-looking hair everyday.

Why and what are the three ranges of the TRESemmé Botanic collections and what do they do?

The TRESemmé Bontanis collection provides three targeted multi-variant ranges, to restore hair’s natural beauty every day.

Moisture & Replenish – Designed to provide weightless moisture and replenish hair

Is the TRESemmé Botanic collection safe for colored or chemically treated hair?

Yes the entire TRESEmmé Botanic collection is safe to use on both colored and chemically treated hair.

Can you use TRESemmé on ethnic hair?

Yes all hair types can use TRESemmé products it just depends on what benefit you are looking for.

Are there sulphates in the shampoo?

The shampoo is lower in sulphates and still safe for use on natural hair and chemically treated hair. If you are looking for a gentler cleanse use the TRESemmé Botanic Co-wash.

Disclaimer: The text from this article was taken from the Beauty Bulletin pop-up shop

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