Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash

Sometimes we need a pick me up. We need to start our day feeling refreshed, pampered and relaxed. More often than not the key to achieving this lies within our body wash. Probably why Dove has launched their purely pampering range. To give women smoother skin after just one wash and to help them feel relaxed and pampered, ready to conquer the day.

I trialed these products for a week. I received two variations, the Shea butter with vanilla and the coconut milk & jasmine petals. I was excited to try them out particularly because I needed a pick me up and I had been sick for about 3-4 days. When you're sick you feel your absolute worst!


I expected the product to work as intended since I've used the original dove body wash which smelt great and left my skin feeling smooth. I had no doubt that the body wash would live up to its expectations. The scent of both is therapeutic, more so when your'e actually using it in the shower. I love how the scent intensifies when you've put it on your body and how the entire bathroom smells like it. Not only was it therapeutic but it was relaxing as well. It left me feeling confident and a little less tired about the day ahead.


Shea butter is a fave for most, including my sister (I gave her a bottle of her own) but there's something about coconut milk & Jasmine petals that makes me feel at ease. My Fave is the Coconut Milk with Jasmine petals. It's not only my favorite but my colleague's too. She glowed when she told me how perfectly scented it is and how it left her skin feeling soft. I can tell she'll be buying more of it once her bottle finishes. I could actually faintly smell the scent of the body wash on her skin.

My overall feels about this product is that it does what it was created to do. With busy moms and boss babes in mind. That need that little bit of Me-time in their morning shows before dealing with crying kids, deadlines at work or a mountain-load of school work. Definitely a 5/5 for me.

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