Cape Town: The Creamery, Rocco Mamas & Friends

For those of you who don’t know this, Cape Town is my birth city! I was born and bred here and lived here for about +- 5 years before I made my way back to the city of Gold. I occasionally visit family and friends here so, now you know the reason behind my visits.

The western cape is beautiful. It’s a province that’s infamous for its Vacay-vibe which comes with a relaxing aura and a lazy feeling. My friends from Claremont High have always been my Day ones! Imagine forging a friendship over a term and still being able to remain friends afterwards?

I sometimes somehow feel robbed of the life I could’ve had, had we stayed in Cape Town but there is no progress when we regress! Anywho, I hit up Creamery & Rocco Mamas and had thought to conjure this blog post up because:

1. EVERYONE has to At least try The Creamery once in their lives (Thanks Lennie) AND

2. I haven’t created blog posts for an ENTIRE month - I’m disappointed in me actually. 


For only R59.00 you get a HUGE waffle with a proportional scoop of Ice cream to match! The place is a bit small emanating Cosy vibes and is great for a filling ice cream meal with a 6-pack pancake (what we call a waffle) that is a combination of note!

It’s situated in Newlands in what seems to be like a small hub of eateries , there were definitely places I wanted to try out! It’s a walking distance from Claremont so you can lose a bit of kg’s before your cheat-day meal.


My Cousin-Bae took me out to Rocco Mamas in Rondebosch and we were legit the only people there. I thought that it's quiet because of its location but I happened to pass by on Saturday and the place was busy AF. Just a small testament about how timing is everything. 

Anyway, My cousin owed me lunch which she promised me last year December but didn't pull through so she capitialised when I was in Cape Town and took me to Rocco's. Can we like, not undermine how delicious Rocco Mamas is? Apart from their cool yet slightly difficult to read menu, the decor and the food are REALLY GOOD. 🤤🤤

This lunch after our mini-shopping spree was exactly what I needed to offload and get clear insight into my cousins life. Catch up sessions over lunch are an absolute must. I think it helps you stay somewhat sane through this roller coaster called our 20's. 😼

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