Top 4 Spots I visited in CPT

I've always wondered about the top budget things to do while in Cape Town. I mean, planning a trip there is already expensive so why not save a few rands where you can? I spent my December 2018 in cape town and while I was there, discovered some budget friendly places that I thought I should share with you guys.

Cape town is the home of Coffee shops. There's so many of them to choose from and it feels like there's one wherever you go. I discovered this coffee shop on the 26th of December. My initial destination was Truth coffee since it was the first ever coffee shop where I had my cappuccino without sugar. That says a lot about the coffee there. to my disappointment, it was closed. so like every other millennial who's tech savvy. I opened google and type "coffee shops near me". I saw that kamili was open and that it was on long street which wasn't thaaat far from buitenkant street.

The service is great, their muffins are freshly baked and the baristas are supper friendly. Everything was under R100. The everything was  2 muffins, one cappuccino and a hot chocolate (all of them large). They make a pretty yummy hot chocolate. There are small tables with charging ports (A necessity) and they're right next door to the sight seeing company (The red buses you see around Cape Town). There are a lot of tourists coming in and out of the place so I presume it's popular with the tourists. 


The water is warm compared to that of Camps Bay (freezing cold bro) so you won't spend a majority for your time hyping yourself to enter the waters. It's famous for its brightly colored beach houses - not sure what these houses are doing there or what they're used for but they definitely make for the perfect beach selfie or SSOTD (Swim Suit of the day.) . Be warned though, you'll get a lot of guys hitting on you here. I don't know whats up with the men that come here.


I like Primi because they serve really good pasta. You can chow down on this delicious pasta while enjoying breath-taking scenery of the beach /ocean that's nearby. I think this is what made dining here soo relaxing and begging me for a second visit. Budget wise, it's not too bad if you earn an allowance nyana. Alternatively, you can order one pasta dish (The portions are fairly big) and split it amongst the two of you guys.


This place is perfect for lunch dates with friends or bae. I went to the one on Kloof Street. It's decorated by plants and they serve freshly squeezed fruit juice. They're not a healthy place but that does give them a unique edge. The only downside to this place is that they serve breakfast until 12:00 and ONLY breakfast. their breakfast menu is a bit limiting as there's not much to choose from but their main menu is tempting. Next time i'll arrive after 12 so I can try their seafood options, the pizza or the pasta.

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