"Deal With Your Cheating Man"

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It's appalling how videos of "side chicks" are being filmed, circulated and distributed for the amusement of everyone on social media despite how degrading and infringing on the women involved it is. It's puzzling as to why people would do this because we've been through the social awareness of Crimen Injuria on social media before. Yet again I feel the need to break it down for some of you in a way that will allow you to see how you're taking part in the dehumanization of an individual.


The SAPS defines Crimen Injuria as the  unlawful and intentional impairment of the dignity or privacy of another person. 

That video you shared of a women being forced to wash the bed sheets, naked. If you shared that video, you committed Crimen Injuria. Yes, the wife who posted the video on social media is the "main person to be held liable" you are acting as an accomplice by distributing the video. 


The first thought that comes to most people's minds is to "Retweet with comment"or share the post in an effort to write a message of awareness. WRONG. That is absolutely what you SHOULDN'T DO. WHY? because you are unknowingly (or knowingly) participating in the distribution of the video! Which doesn't help one bit no matter how awarenessy your message is. What you should be doing is reporting the Facebook or twitter post.

Sharing these posts contributes to the circulation and you can therefore be held liable for crimen injuria.


The funny chef, a social media entertainer recently posted a video where she talks about women "dealing with their cheating husbands/boyfriends"instead of publicly humiliating the side chick. I 100% agree with her. It's not to say i'm condoning side chick behavior but chances are that your husband is the one who introduced himself to her (The side chick). Even if this isn't the case, the fact that your husband, a whole adult capable of making his own decisions, decided to go and  have an affair/cheat, makes the blame completely on him. So, rightfully, "DEAL WITH YOUR CHEATING MAN"and stop misdirecting your anger at the accomplice. 

My advice is though, move on. dump him and move on. he's definitely going to be astounded at your reaction and 2-3 months down the line try to "work things out "with you. 

I hope my crimen injuria basics lesson helps you become a responsible resident/user of social media  and that you hopefully pass this on to someone else! 

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