4 Lessons Learned from a GirlUp TED Talk

It wasn't the title of this TED talk that grabbed my attention. It was the speaker's energy and passion for what she was talking about that did. 5 minutes later, I'm 4 lessons away to living a better life and being a better person. She mentioned 6 points in the TED talk but there were 4 Lessons that I loved above all and will be sharing with you guys today.


The speaker defined self confidence as the "ability to know you'll become bigger and stronger than you are right now."

I can really relate to this because no matter where I am in life even if it isn't where I'd like to be at that present moment, I know that I will one day be where I want to be. You are your number 1 fan I always stress this to the people around me. In life it often happens that it looks like there are people in your corner, rooting for you but in actual fact they are awaiting your downfall. It's important that you motivate yourself, encourage yourself and most importantly believe that you will become bigger and stronger than you are right now. That is self confidence.


"Perfection is not a human quality - LET GO OF IT"

We live in a society where social media makes up a big part of our lives and even with the body movements and self love movements, people still aspire to the media's perception of perfection. Because these ideal perfect people are praised on social media and we are a species that thrives off attention and recognition, we often get caught up in this line of thinking. I'm here to tell you that perfection is unobtainable. You should aspire to be completely and unapologetically yourself.


"If it's not your thing, don't do it"

Authenticity is what makes you, you. Trends are fun to follow but allow yourself to add a dash of you in whatever it is you're doing, whether it's in the curating of your Instagram feed, your dress sense or just yourself in general. Authenticity sets you apart, it identifies you and tells people about you. It's one of the most unique things you have. So, stop trying so hard to be someone you're not because living a fulfilling life requires you to be wholeheartedly yourself and comfortable with that.


As you get older you suddenly realise that life didn't pause, or give you a minute or two to stop you from ageing so, you sure as hell shouldn't spend months or weeks to come to the realization that you need to cut someone from your life. What I love most about this point is the urgency in which the cutting should be done... IMMEDIATELY. Really this is the way to go. This does require a bit of bravery on our part because as I can imagine it can't be that easy. We're talking about relationships of all sorts here, romantic to family.

If you'd like to watch the video yourself, you can do so below. 👇👇👇

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