Jimmy's Killer Prawns | Secret Menu Tasting

If you know me , you know that there's nothing more that I love than a good plate of food and some hearty conversation, throw in a delicious 10-out-of-5 Oreo chocolate shake, and I'm as happy as a toddler whose told he doesn't have to go to school.

I had the pleasure of being invited for a secret menu tasting in Johannesburg with an empty stomach and guesses as to what would be served. Jimmy's killer prawns,  has several franchises, the one I went to (based in Ormonde) has recently opened up for about 2 months. You wouldn't think so with the amount of hungry people that walk in and out of their doors - proving that they're a hit with the community there.

I was welcomed with a cutely decorated Chocolate Oreo Milkshake (The 10-out-of-5 one I described in the intro). I'm not kidding, or over-exaggerating, that Milkshake was good. It had all the necessary and extra ingredients to make it the best milkshake I've had in quite a while. I'm not even talking about the edible Oreo's placed neatly on top or the cream layered on top of the delicious chocolaty goodness that was the milkshake. I'm pretty sure they added a teaspoon of love. 😍

Next were the starters - TNC Marketing ZA was not kidding when they said come hungry. We were treated to plates of cheesy chips and a cheesy bread dish (Which I loved). I'm a huge lover of cheese so, I know a good cheeses dish when I taste one. The starter set my expectations for the entire night, the bar was raised.

We moved onto a Gatsby filled with  everything you crave for when you're on a diet. Cheeses, Russians, chips, lettuce (to give it that crunch) and some sauce for the extra bit of flavor. The last time I ate a Gatsby was when I lived in cape town and it did not treat me well. I was a bit scared to try this one out but there was nothing to fear except a few extra pounds around my hips. I took some as a doggy bag for my sister and , quote on quote, 'That is the best Gatsby I've ever had".👄
At this point I was pleasantly pleased with what we'd been served and I was looking forward to the prawns. They came with chips and two side dishes of spinach and a creamy-cheesy pumpkin side (I NEED THE RECIPE FOR THAT PUMPKIN) . I think the picture speaks for itself, the prawns were yummy. I would've literally only ate them and would have been satisfied. There were creamy prawns and spicy ones (I'm not a friend of spiciness so I opted for the creamy ones). Well cooked, seasoned and served.

Unfortunately I had to leave before I was served the dessert 😢. Needless to say, the brownies looked delectable and I'm pretty sure I would've been satisfied.

Overall I'll definitely be visiting Jimmy's Killer prawns in future but perhaps one closer to home.  It's definitely a place I'd recommend you try out. The versatility of the menu and the cleanliness of the place speak for itself.

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