CREED 2 Premiere South Africa

Michael B Jordan flew down to Johannesburg this past weekend to attend the premiere of the movie he stars in, Creed 2. Home girl was super excited that she managed to get onto the media list of attendees. The dress code was smart casual – thank you The fix for hooking a girl up with an outfit that made me look like a shnack. Security was tight, the venue was gorgeous and I’m here to tell you about the premier and my thoughts on the movie. Please be warned that this post could contain a spoiler or two so if you do intend on watching the movie this is just a heads up so you don't get mad at me. 


Registration – where you get your wrist band that helps security to identify who you are -started at 5:30. The line was suuper long and I had a feeling that I wasn’t even supposed to be in the line anyway fast-forward 20 minutes later I’m at the media table and I’ve got my wrist band, Ready to start documenting this epic event. As I was heading down the escalator, the magnificent view and decoration of the Sterkinekor venue at Sandton city mall made me melt. As soon as we walked in we were greeted with warm smiles, good food and given directions to the bar that offered a variety of drinks.🍹🍹

This event was proper. There was a red carpet, interviews were being conducted and we were graced with the presence of a few local celebs like Nomzamo Mbatha, Natasha Tahane and Connie Chiume (the woman who played a part in black panther with Michael). Maps Maponyana was the host with the most (his intoxicating smile, charm and overall personality). We had some time to mingle, take pictures and have a drink or two before the Creed 2 cast adorned us with their presence on the red carpet. Apart from Michael, Director Steve Caple Jr and Florian Munteanu were there as well.


Michael mentioned on the red carpet that the movie features Black love and true to his word it does! You can tell the director wanted to bring more than creeds love for boxing to the forefront but to highlight young, black love. There are a lot of dynamics to this movie but if I had to pinpoint the main message, I'd say it's the love that exists across all of the characters. We’re also given a glimpse into creeds opponent Florian Munteanu and shown how hatred fuels him and the relationship (Or lack thereof) he has with his father who lost to Slyvester stallone in the previous creed movie. 

Something that really caught my attention other than the love aspect to the movie was the music. Most of the tracks played are from black artists and Creed's wife (Played by Tessa Thompson) is a musician. 🌷

Thank you to the team that made this happen
The Deco was on firre 🔥


Overall I’d say the event was nothing short of spectacular. In future, hopefully we wont have to wait for a long time before we actually watched the movie but, I suppose the cast making a special appearance inside the cinema where we were seated, before the movie started, largely made up for the standing. The movie is predicable in that creed would obviously win but overall I’d give It a 4/5! Definitely worth the watch. 👊

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