Should You Be Using Feminine Wash?

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This has always been a question I've asked myself. There was even a point in my life where I had felt less-feminine for not using feminine wash. I mean, I don''t have any terrible odors except for the normal smell you get from menstruation but I have felt the need to buy this product just so I can calm my worries of any smells that are oblivious to me but noticeable by the public. There's something seriously wrong about having a female isle dedicated to making your vagina smell fresh.

Personally I feel that it gives women the illusion that they are not clean and draws back to the issue of menstruation. The female body is a wonderful thing, in fact, wonderful is an understatement. Out of it come the next generation and we posses the ability to house life from the very place that is made to be "Dirty, Smelly and Unhygienic". For centuries women have been made to feel as if their bodies are anything but glorious works capable of wondrous things πŸ‘.  For me, feminine wash is yet another contributing factor to this.

We note that the media makes money off of our insecurities as women and in this process false truths are amplified and made to come across as facts but in this blog post we analyse whether or not you should be using feminine wash to rid yourself of these apparent "odors".

Lets be sharp, blunt and to the point. You don't need to buy feminine wash for your Vagina. ✋Why? Well simply because your vagina is self-cleaning and using these type of products can even be harmful to your V-Jay! Save your money, spend your money do anything with your money as long as it's not going towards feminine wash or !' The Sexpert describes the Vagina as a "Self-cleaning device with regular cell turnover and a highly tuned pH and Microbiome". 'Simply put, it doesn't need help to get clean and the way your vagina smells is normal. πŸ‘Œ

Although, if you notice a change of odor that''s outside your normal one then you should consult a gynecologist ASAP - You could have an infection. Since we're on the topic of infections, our vagina is a balanced ecosystem stocked with plenty of good bacteria that help keep us healthy.  With this in mind, your only job is to not interfere with the natural happenings that occur down there so as to avoid imbalance in your Vagina.

Lets not rule out the fact that these products are Pink-taxed and are probably suuuper expensive. So why pay for a product that claims to do housekeeping down there πŸ‘‡when you can save your cash and let your body do the housekeeping for you πŸ˜‰. Dr Ugwumadu says:

 "Over millions of years, this part of the body has adapted its own highly-effective cleaning process. As long as you're showering every day and wearing clean, preferably non-synthetic underwear, this should be enough."

The issue behind feminine wash is that it exploits women's anxieties about their bodies. We are made to feel that without feminine wash our bodies are not as squeaky clean as they need to  be meaning, we can easily contract infections - Soo not true! As I've mentioned several times within this post, the vagina is a boss ass babe capable of doing things on her own and making the pots to be done!

At the end of the day though, the decision to use feminine wash is entirely up to you. You aren't less feminine for not using them and you're not more feminine if you do. Ít's important to do the research and make a decision based on what you find and what you feel.

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