Self-Love - A Man's Perspective

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Self-love has been quite the trend .. with women of course. This blog post came about when I was sitting and thinking of the very concept that is self-love and what it really means, my own individual description of it. I realised after numerous minutes of dwelling on the idea that no one ever talks about men and what self-love means to them. I actually sat for a long time thinking what self-love might mean to a man, if anyone's ever told men to love themselves. as much as women are told on a daily basis.

Don't misunderstand my thinking. Women are impeccable beings who are able to take care of households and communities and that's most probably where self love originates - reminding women to take care of themselves as much as they look after others because we are selfless and self-sacrificing. I've just always wondered how things were on the opposite end of the spectrum. Hence why I decided to round up a couple of guys to shed some light and insight on what men feel/think about self-love and how they actively practice it in their daily lives.

Lwazi Batala 💦

What does self-love mean to you?
"Self love is practically loving every bit of yourself and not really caring about public opinion and what the media portrays. I know that it's sometimes difficult but it really takes a certain amount of confidence and also some support to get you to see your inner & outer beauty. Although, it being in love with yourself without narcissism"

In what ways do you actively practice self-love physically & emotionally?
"Well, I think i express it by my attitude. Like, self love kinda brings a sense of positivity and you treat others with respect"❤

Banele Thwala

What does self-love mean to you?
"It means being yourself amongst people and not comparing yourself or taking into account what people think of you. Self love is learning about yourself and treating yourself in a way that promotes love. "

In what ways do you actively practice self-love physically & emotionally?
"I show my self love by taking myself out. Spoiling myself with clothes or food or whatever. Downloading music that makes me happy and learning how to enjoy myself and my company."

Photo by Viktor Vasicsek on Unsplash
What does self-love mean to you?
"To me it means taking care of myself spiritually, mentally and physically. It means being in love with myself and working on being the best version of myself"

In what ways do you actively practice self-love physically & emotionally?
"Well physically there’s masturbation (😆nothing wrong with it) and then there’s doing things for yourself like taking yourself out and just doing things for yourself"

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