October Letter From The Blog Editor

Photo by Shubhesh Aggarwal on Unsplash

October is the month of realisation. People suddenly realise that the year is ending and that it literally flew past some of us. We're analysing and measuring our success in 2018, day-dreaming about vacay when November exams are finally finished and some of us are graduating next year so we're excited and like, you're getting this degree. 👅

In all honesty, I've tried to avoid harshly analysing what I've accomplished vs what I could've accomplished vs what should have been accomplished. I'm at a point where I'm thankful for the opportunities given to me this year, motivated by the opportunities that are yet to come way and I'm welcoming nothing but positivity, happiness and change within my life. 💪

Cue the HUUUUUGE Decision to CUT MY HAIR 😲

This decision, impulsive yet meticulously planned is brought upon by three things:

1. My hairline 💇. It's a mess ya'll and it needs some serious renovation.

2. I could totally rock an Afro 💁 but I keep relaxing so this is probably never going to happen unless i cut my hair.

3. C-H-A-N-G-E. Its something really personal to me. It''s more than just welcoming and embracing change but its also about facing the fears of restricting my hairstyle choices because of the insecurities I have surrounding the size/shape of my face/head.

I want to live fearlessly and be un-apologetically myself. Doing so requires courage and strength on my part to overcome the negative conceptions about my body.

It's simply me taking ownership of me. 💦

So why is there a picture of people toasting? Well its because I want to encourage people to start celebrating whatever's left of 2018. You got a distinction on your assignment? CELEBRATE it. You tried to hit on that guy but he straight up rejected you? CELEBRATE it. You woke up today and you're not dead? CELEBRATE it. Sometimes we get soo wrapped up in our lives we forget to celebrate even the littlest of things - myself included. In the spirit of celebrating and saying "Thank you" to 2018 for whatever it's brought you (be it heartbreak, that promotion or a new bf) put on a party playlist and appreciate everything in your life.

As I'm typing this I've got my chilled party vibe playlist on and I'm ready to set up my study schedule (yuck) but I mean on the plus side I'm doing second year next year (You speak things into existence so...) and that's a year closer to graduation! Really, my message to you is to be happy and content with what you've managed to achieve this year. Continue to emit positive vibes and may you ever be fearlessly yourself! 😉

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