NIvea Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Range

Dark marks on your skin isn't as irritating as sensitive skin. I Once tried a certain lotion which reacted terribly to my skin. It left me dry and left a couple of dark blemishes on my face. it was so frustrating because 'the product had seemed to be promising. Around the time when I was using that product, my colleague noticed that my skin was looking a bit darker than usual. After hearing this several times I finally decided that I should switch to a different product and begin the removal of my dark marks on my face using Nivea's toning lotion. I've been using the toning lotion for a couple of months now (I'm almost out of it). It's always been my go-to for the removal of my dark marks. Its reliable and never gives me any problems.

Not having the luxury to be able to put whatever on your face is a pain but lucky for me, it no longer has to be with Nivea's new perfect and radiant day cream.


Naturally when I was told that Nivea is introducing a day cream for sensitive skin, I was ecstatic. I had high expectations from the get go and couldn't wait to try the product out. The day cream works in unison with your skin to gently reduce the appearance of dark marks and to restore your natural glow. An SPF of 15 has been added to the formula to protect your skin as you wear it, meaning it guards against the formation of any additional dark marks.


❤  A reduced appearance of dark marks
❤  Soothing of skin irritation
❤  Help with minimising redness, tightness and dryness
❤  Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and looking healthy AF


I absolutely adore the packaging of the product. The day cream itself is cute and portable. I took it with me to the office and to my classes. Always ready to apply if needed. I honesty thought that i'd have to apply the product twice within a day but was pleasantly surprised when I went through my entire first day (and the days that followed after that) on one application! My previous day cream required me to apply it twice throughout the day and on bad days even three times! It kept my skin moisturised, soft, smooth and supple. Moisture is a BIG deal for me because not only do I have sensitive skin, my skin is suuper dry.


I haven't had any blemishes/dark marks since I started using the product and my skin has genuinely started to even out. I am thoroughly impressed with the product and would definitely recommend it to someone with sensitive skin. It retails for R105.00 and would last you about a month or so if you apply it daily. It is a bit pricey but if you're looking for something that works with your sensitive skin then I would definitely suggest trying it out.


While we're on the topic of dark marks, why not talk about the main reason behind it? Believe it or not, the main reason behind your dark marks is melanin. Sometimes your skin overreacts and produces too much melanin which doesn't get evenly distributed though your skin. Sun exposure is the main trigger o this as well as hormone fluctuations inflammation from plucking, breakouts or skin irritations from products that don't agree with the skin. As you get older your skin becomes less capable of regulating melanin production and making sure it's evenly distributed through your skin. This causes your skin to be dull, drier, ashen and less radiant than before.

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