5 Reasons Why You Should Binge-Watch INSECURE

I know I'm not the only one that loves insecure, but if you're contemplating binge watching the series from season 1 onward then perhaps these five reasons I'm about to list will convince the hell outta you. It's a good show! you're probably looking for more than "It's a good show" but honestly I don't know how to structure that in a better way. You'll be hooked into Issa's life from DAY ONE! Although the series' main character is Issa, you get a glimpse of Molly's life as super boss-babe professional in a man-dominated work-place.


Heeey now, who doesn't love some black girl magic 🙆? Insecure is FULL OF IT.  Personally I love shows centered around black women. More so in a 21st century context, depicting 21st century problems. These are powerful, boss babe women who are like you and me. I find that many women could relate to at least one of the female characters  in this show. 💣

Molly gives us some insight on how to survive in a male-dominated work place and is always shown trying to pave her way into becoming a partner. She is hard working (Sometimes too hard-working) , faces relationship problems like most of us but still manages to Maritain her love for being black, an independent woman and powerful. 💁

Kelli is the bad ass bitch who is not ashamed about her body count or to openly say whose she's slept with. What I take away from her character is that she embraces her body and gives zero fucks. 💆


Insecure has the best soundtracks you could ever bump to. The playlists are easily available on iTunes, are hip AF and are mostly created by Black Artists. Who wouldn't want to jam to a suuper chill beat while simultaneously supporting a black artist? #WakandaForRealYall

3. BC ISSA RAE ... DUH 👀

Issa Rae is a viibe I'm honestly trying to be on. Her mirror raps, funky and funny personality are what ties m in to her character. Not to mention her sense of style (Gives me vintage vibes). Issa Rae's character is relatable because shes just like many young, millennial black women who haven't really gotten the hang of this relationship thing and are struggling to find our passions (sometimes even stuck in jobs they don't really love just for that cash money.). She is proudly black and anti-racism.

4. HUMOUR 😂😂

As much as the show is empowering, It's also full of laughter and should leave you smiling endlessly (sometimes sad or confused but mostly smiling) , motivated or suuper anxious to check out the next episode either way, you'll learn a lot (depending on what you take away from the show) and you're going to thank me for being an AMAAAAZZZIING plug.

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