Stretchmarks x Justine Tissue Oil 😉

Before I get into this, lets bust a few myths. Stretchmarks do not only appear when you've just had a baby! Bigger women are not the only ones who have stretchmarks, smaller women do too! Stretchmarks are NOT something to be ashamed of! Last, but not least, MEN GET STRETCHMARKS TOO! I think that's about it? It's important to read this review with an open mind, clear from myths.

For a while, my confidence had dwindled because of my stretchmarks. I Had had stretch marks not only around my waist area but around my boobs as well. This dictated my style of clothing and  is partly why I have social anxiety. I was made to believe by society that I am not beautiful because of my stretch marks because beautiful women didn't have them. There was even a time when I thought there was something wrong with me because the women I saw on TV didn't have a single stretchmark in sight!

It's amazing how the media can make you hate yourself for something that is completely natural! I had the privilege of being chosen to test the Justine Original Tissue oil. Waay back when I had had stretch marks on my boobs, I had used a tissue oil - I can't remember the name- to get rid of them and it worked really well! This is my review of the Justine original tissue oil, after having tried it out for 2 weeks.



The bottle is cute and the name of the product sounds expensive which translates into “it probably does a great job at removing stretch marks”. I thought very highly of the product because of its packaging and the brand name. The color of the tissue oil is gorgeous. It's what actually makes the bottle aesthetically pleasing and made me eager to apply it's contents the moment I unboxed it.


To achieve the best results you need to apply it twice daily. Once in the morning after you’ve showered for work and once in the evening or before you go to bed. I found this really difficult because It was a bit difficult to remember to put it on just before bed. Sometimes I’d remember while I was in bed, quarter to sleeping!

Whenever I applied the product I would deeply rub it into the places where my stretch marks are. I find that this is better than just giving it a dab or two and ensure that the tissue oil really “goes in”. The removal of stretch makes is not a quick and easy journey. It takes patience and being gentle with yourself.

I found that after 2 weeks of application my skin would become dry around the area. This could be attributed to the fact that I’ve got dry skin in general or it could be caused by the product itself not being moist enough. Either way I can’t fault the product there because they really can’t make a tissue oil for every type of skinI actually saw this as my personal alert system to add more tissue oil.

My Colleague and I tested the tissue oil out. She's just had a baby so for her this came at the right time. We'll call her Zinhle in this article because she'd prefer to remain anonymous. Anyway, Upon asking Zinhle for feedback, she mentioned that the loved the product and that she couldn't fault it in anyway. Its really helped lighten her stretch marks around her tummy and the back of her legs. I share the very same sentiments actually. This oil is effective and worth every cent!👀

Before & After 

Before & After

Before & After


1. The area of application did itch a bit which was kind of frustrating and tempting. It would also get dry from time to time but surprisingly, the application of the tissue oil has made the skin around my waist smoother.


  1. The size and packaging of the bottle. The sizing is especially important. It’s portable and can even be put inside your handbag or gym bag if need be. 
  2. The smell. It doesn’t have an overpowering smell. It’s subtle and unassuming.
  3. Value for money. It’s been almost three weeks and I’m not even halfway through the bottle so it’s definitely value for money since it’s lasts long.
  4. I can actually see it working! Which gives me the motivation to continue to apply, apply and apply.


In all honesty, I would definitely recommend this product. It fulfills its purpose, is definitely value for money (It can last you up to 2 months). It retails for about R150-200 and you can purchase it online from RubyBox. 


Wanting to get ride of your stretchmarks is not a crime. you can still love yourself and want to ge ride of your stretchmarks, don't let anyone make you feel bad about that. 

Also, keep in mind that this is a lengthy process, especially when your stretchmarks are as dark as mine so, patience is key. Be consistent with your application and you will definitely start to see the results. 

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