CastleLiteSA Makes #HERSTORY

I hope you guys get the play-on-words within the title because it'd lose its effectiveness if I were to explain it within this intro. Moving along, I had the privilege of receiving Complimentary tickets for the #Herstory event from Glamour South Africa.

Naturally I was excited because as we've all seen Castle Lite is about breaking down Stereotypes and giving women representation in said to be male-dominated industries. I think earlier on this year they were the first beer brand to recognise women who drink beer! Really, they're shifting the focus on women and making sure we get the much needed recognition and appraisal.

Castle Lite is also known for its yearly shows that feature different international artists. This year South Africa had the privilege of hosting Chance the rapper - an event I didn't manage to attend. But this is not about the previous events they've held its about Herstory. The first ever All-Female Hip Hop lineup. It was more than a concert. It was Herstory being made and it was a vaaab.😍😎


They facilitated conversations around Hip Hop in which the hosts would pose 2-3 questions surrounding hip hop, the particular woman the question was directed at and females in the hip hop industry.

This for me was also something a bit different because I've never been at a concert/woke event in the sense that they still tried to give us a panel and thoughts to take home with us while simultaneously creating an effortlessly great evening, celebrating hip hop from a woman's perspective. The international headlining act was Young M.A 😍😍.


The decor, the line up, the crew and the performances. I could've just listed the world everything but you might want to scroll down to low lights to see what wasn't such a vibe for me at all.

True its brand, Cast Lite and its "Unlocking of extra coldness" came through within their decor and theme. They had a blue wall with white frames where attendees were encouraged to write down what "#HerStory" means to them. I thought this was really innovative.

I want mention that my view was also a highlight. I got perfect video shots - you'll see this on the YT Video - and I didn't have to see past anyone's head so, this was a major bonus for me.

I'd say the sections were pretty well thought out. The food was a bit pricey but I think this is attributed to the venue itself and that if it were up to Castle lite, we'd have received free burgers with our beers πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. Nonetheless the menu had a variety of options from non-alcoholic drinks to fries, wings (A fave) and etc. The performances, choreography and surprise act were nothing short of fabulous.πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

The surprise act, being Boity - which I didn't expect, she JUST recently released her new single- performed "Wuz Dat" with a voice full of attitude and an outfit full of SASS. She slayed and I was there to witness it. I loved every performance really, especially Mantha Ribane. she is a creative soul and I wish to vibe on the frequency she is on because girl, she gives me life! she incorporates multimedia and her great robotic dance skills to present next-level performances that showcase "Thinking Out Of The Box". I've given her a follow on Instagram because I think she could be good for my creativity. 🌞


The alcohol. 🍺🍺Everything was Castle Lite, even the cocktails. Nonetheless, this was a good thing because at least I remained sober enough to realise that concert events where you're standing on your feet, are not my viibe. Technically I can't really fault them for this either because what kind of alcoholic company promotes other brands within their event?


One of the questions Lee Kasumba posed to the the ladies who were making waves in the Hip Hop industry during their time, alongside Chante. was: " What do you think about the feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, do you think that there can only be one female at the top at a time"?  For me this is something that needs to be discussed. It is true that it seemingly appears that only one female hip hop artist can be at the top, #1 and dominating , whereas multiple #1 contenders in the male industry can exist. Its almost as if society wants females o show a competitive spirit beyond the normal,. Why can't all female  hip hop artists reign supreme?

I wish Castle Lite can host a panel of women who can facilitate industry-changing conversations like these. Except, minus the concert aspect of it and just really dig deep into the issue surrounding female hip hop artists within the industry, issues that we don't know about. I'd definitely buy tickets to see that.✌✌

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