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Embracing our femininity as empowered and powerful females in a "Louder for the patriarchal men and women at the back" kind of way has been a long time coming. Feminism is causing disruption and women everywhere are turning the volume up for the people in the back. It's both invigorating and empowering to be in an era of time where women are saying "Enough is Enough".

Fashion's played its fair share in this with feminist statement T-Shirts making their way to the list of trends among 2018. Upon looking for a gift for someone dear to my heart, I stumbled across Superbalist's "Forever Femme" picks from the various brands they have and thought it'd be  great to showcase my faves.

A fierce and femme look is a great way to showcase your femininity in a way that says: "I'm a bad-ass boss babe, don't play with me". ☝💁

Pastel shades

Pastel is everything - if you're responsible enough to be able to keep it clean - and I'm loving this beige NY Cap. Easy to pair since it's not vibrant, bright or overpowering. I'd pair this up with laid-back jeans and a casual top - preferably white. 😎

It's priced at R449 on Superbalist but, if you're lucky enough you can cop it at a discounted price if you've done yourself a favor and subscribed to Superbalist newsletters. PS: They're almost always having SALES and that's the good kind of email to be flooding your inbox!

It's Mauve Darling

Satin is bae and it never gets old. If there was a piece of material that could define sexy, this would be it.  This sexy satin plunge twist shit dress is simple yet seductive in a subtle way. It would definitely compliment brown shades/tones well.  Boobs aren't a must-have requirement to pull this look off but a confident, 'Girls run the world" attitude is. 😉

Simple Tee's for an Effortless outfit

I love how wearing your boyfriends clothes became such a thing. There's actually item of clothing designed to fit like your boyfriends merch that you can buy without having to have an actual boyfriend. Boyfriend anything's are a fave for me. They fit comfortably and give me the laid-back look I usually rock. This Boyfriend Pocket tee is soooo cute! you can pair it with denim on denim like in the picture or just strut in your undies with it on (it's the perfect Showmax and chill attire).

Tuck it in or leave it out, that's really up to you. I personally prefer to tuck it in and then fluff it out a bit, it just gives my look that extra thaaang. 🔥

Satin Drape Plunge Blouse 👅

This says sassy and sexy in all the right ways. It's "I ain't even trying" Subtle but vibrant, bold and has presence! Again, don't worry if you're packing or not, you just need a killer attitude and a smile for days to pull this off.

You can pair it with some jeans (I'd opt for skinnies) or if your want to be full-on professional, some formal trousers could do you justice. This is definitely an outfit that needs to be paired with your fave heels (as long as they  compliment the outfit).

Kylee Embroidered Crossbody bag

I Feel like this can give life to an outfit that's somewhat basic. The detail and the color is what gives this little crossbody bag life. It legit looks like a designer piece and more expensive than it actually is. It retails for R399. You can get it at a lower price if Superbalist is having a sale.

It's by daily Friday, my favorite Superbalist brand to date. Daily Friday offers trendy & edgy clothing at an affordable price and Superbalist makes it even more affordable with their sales!

So whether you're a waitress, a gym freak, an office guru or a CEO in-the-making there's definitely a Fierce & Femme piece that deserves to be in your wardrobe collection rn! Take a browse through the Forever Femme collection here and let me know in the comments section which piece you love the most! 😍😘

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