June Letter From The Blog Editor

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It's June... yay 😐 - said only a bunch of people that have achieved a lot within the first half of the year and are super-jetting, positively into the remainder of the year. Not to say that I haven't accomplished a fair amount of goals and milestones. I'm just disappointed at my habit of procrastination and at the fact that flight tickets are crazy expensive during long weekends.

I haven't had the time to sit down and deeply analyse the last six months per say, but I do have a general idea of what needs to change and what plans (that have beeen in the pipeline) need to be finally implemented.

😎I do, however, want to take the time to address a state of mind that I feel most millennials are currently going though. Comparison and Timelines. While having lunch with my other half I had a quick browse through the Empowering Females Under 19 section of the June Cosmopolitan issue. Although the piece was meant to empower, I felt nothing less than unworthy. Like ... "What am I doing with my life??" "A 9 year old published a book and i'm working and studying simultaneously, bleh". I completely missed the purpose of the entire piece. It was not published to make me feel inferior but, rather to empower and inspire me and to let me know that no dream is too big or too small to be accomplished. 👐

Lately I've been checking myself A LOT with regards to comparison. Scrolling through social media sometimes ends up with me harshly critiquing myself because I see a lot of other blogs landing continuous PR jobs, people scoring their dream job - I'm not saying I hate my job - and creatives living in cape town, securing the bag - my dream. Fortunately, I'm able to "catch myself" and remind myself that Instagram is curated and that it only depicts the good in people's lives. 👀

Comparison is something I feel happens quite a lot when you're quickly approaching the age of 20 and you feel like the only thing you've accomplished is passing that accounting module you thought you'd fail - by a mere 1%. We feel this immense amount of pressure as millennials to do more and achieve more at a younger age, otherwise we heavily critique ourselves and question if we've been doing anything at all. This is where timelines comes in. I recently watched an inspiring video that explained the concept of timelines and how you can still obtain that dream house at the age of 45 with it still being an accomplishment. It also highlighted the fact that we have different timelines and we need to - rightly - focus on our own timelines and not compare ours to someone else's. We might be on Chapter 2 and they are probably on Chapter 46.

I strongly feel that millennials should be living their lives for themselves and not in accordance with society's expectations. Remember to always give yourself credit for every little thing.

Every accomplishment is worthy of being celebrated. ❤💪

With that being said I'm making it a personal mission to celebrate any and every accomplishment that comes my way as of today.

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