Intern At Night, Self-Made Business Woman By Day

I live within a generation that is tired of working for corporate companies and interning for a meager R3000. My generation is all about acquiring entrepreneurial skills and becoming their own bosses. It's not just young millennial men who are hustling but women too. There are numerous millennial babes who are grinding just as hard as men if not, harder. One such boss babe is Kgaugelo Dolamo. Founder of Dolamo Hair. 

She's a hospitality intern at night and a business woman by day. How does she balance everything at once? Seriously .. I'm struggling here. She recently registered Dolamo Hair, a business she started of glaming babes up with fresh hairstyles for their matric dance and for slaying in their daily lives. This babes is making serious moves. She caters to a wide variety of women, she does braids, dreads, weaves and her business is not only limited to the ladies but the gents too. She's a woman of many talents who endeavors to learn and do more while she's still young. So, naturally I HAD TO interview her for the blog because like ... I really want to know how she does it! well, the answers are down below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

🍸🍹 : Jager Maister
πŸ‘«πŸ‘¨ : Yes
πŸŽ‚πŸ° : Chocolate over anything
πŸ‘©πŸŽΆ : SZA
🌟🚫 : Aries


"Dolamo Hair came about 3 years ago when I discovered that some hairdressers don't have a mutual understanding with their clients, especially when it comes to box braids."

"So I did my research and saw what it is they were doing wrong and found methods to make my braiding unique to theirs. After braiding my first client, the braids came out quiet neat and they looked nice. The day after, I decided to create an Instagram page that I'd use to post all my work on and hope to get clients." 

"I had no idea how it would go but I did it anyway. I believed in myself and I enjoy making ladies look good. The smiles and the sassy attitude - you know the "New hair who dis πŸ’†" attitude -  after getting their hair done makes me complete."

" I started off with braids because braids are always going to trend and beauty itself is an industry that can never run out of fashion"

Would you consider yourself to be a boss babe? 😎

Yes, of course. Boss babes are babes that are hard workers, true hustlers and babes that know what they want in life" πŸ”₯

How do you manage to balance your internship with your side hustle?

"I do this by making sure my clients know that I work with appointments. As much as I spend most of my time at work, I still make it a priority to have time for building my career in beauty." 

"I make sure that I plan ahead of time, manage my time accordingly and keep my word with all my clients while simultaneously giving them good service at Dolamo Hair"



"In the beginning I had to come up with ways that would make Dolamo Hair unique. I had to make sure my brand stood out. My main focus was to combine comments from unhappy clients and figure out what they are unhappy about and what they would like to be done differently with their hair"

"Clients like being specific about their hairstyle choices and all the hairstylist has to is make sure it's done exactly the way the client wants it. It's mutually beneficial because we're both happy and I don't deal with unsatisfied clients" 


"In three years time I plan to build a solid client base and after my internship, I plan to have saved enough money to build a salon at home, since my client base is based in Alexandra."

What are your plans after your hospitality internship?

"To graduate. I plan to study a lot of things in this life time. After my internship I would like to study farming and agriculture but also carry out what I've learnt in hospitality by owning one of my own Catering and decor business"


" Work Harder. If you want something GO GET IT! Nothing should stop you. Have goals in life, things you want to accomplish to better yourself. Don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do."

" If you want it, You must will it, and if you will it, it will be yours" - Quoted from Happy Feet

Kgaugelo inspires me to not only continue to dream big but to believe in myself. I mean, homegirl registered her own business. If that isn't the definition of courage and belief in oneself then I don't know what is. Her perseverance and dedication to building her career in beauty is admirable and I wish her the best going forward. #TheFutureIsBright. πŸ˜‹


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