Dear Black Parents: Our Perspective on Black Tax

Black tax needs no introduction because of its popularity amongst black people. For those of you that don’t know what black tax is here’s a definition: “the financial responsibility of providing for extended family” There are a lot of differing opinions amongst millennials when it comes to black tax because some are for it and some are against it. Another factor that results in a difference of opinion is circumstance.

Everyone’s circumstance is different. In some household’s children don’t get black taxed because the parents are well-off, so they’re encouraged to pursue their own wealth or careers etc. – you get the picture. In some households that’s not the case. One might find themselves having to contribute towards their family because they’re the only working person. It’s heartbreaking because in some instances the breadwinner might not even earn enough money, 95% of the money goes to the family and the breadwinner can’t advance themselves because most of their hard-earned money goes into supporting the family – true story.

Some people see black tax as saying thank you for all the support the rents have given you and see no problem with it. I rounded up a couple of millennials and asked them about their opinions on black tax to give you a varying perspective on the matter. I posed three questions to each of them.

1. How do you feel about Black Tax.
2. Are you personally going through it?
3. Should black tax even be a thing? 

K A T L E G O - M A B U S E L A 


Black Tax should be a thing. White privilege is "black tax", whites support their own families and convey in acts of nepotism in the corperate world often and this helps them grow. - Blessing

"Maybe black tax should change from being the temporary fix that it is ,towards the direction of sustainability. Like, instead of constantly funding these people...we could fund their education, so they could fund themselves."
A T LE H A N G - S E H L A R E

C H R I ST Y - P E N D E H A M A

K H A N Y I - Z W A N E

I received a variety of responses but for me, what khanyi continued to say drove my viewpoint home about black tax. She said: "I don't think it's a good thing because as I've said, it puts children under pressure and they start putting themselves into debt just to fulfill their parents dreams. I also feel like some of these dreams are so unrealistic. As soon as the child starts working, I feel like they first need to be stable, and only then can  they start thinking about their parents and doing stuff for them"

I don't think that giving back to our parents is a bad thing, but I strongly feel that we ourselves need to be financially stable before we give back, or we'd be pouring out from an empty cup.

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