The Best Time to Buy Flight Tickets

There’s a saying that goes: “You make your money in Joburg and you spend it all in Cape Town” and perhaps this is why the Johannesburg to Cape Town flight route is one of the busiest routes in the world. I'm not entirely shocked as this is my most frequent route. The highest I've ever paid for a flight ticket on this route amounts to 1.9k (for one ticket 😢) and it definitely dented my wallet. Needless to say I was quite broke for the duration of that month - It was April.

I thought that booking flights well ahead of time was all I needed to save some money when it Came to mini-vacays over the weekend (I learnt my lesson the hard way) but, I've stumbled across even more helpful tips.Timing is key, knowing when the best time to buy an airline ticket  is can save you a lot of unnecessary heartache that comes with booking a 1.9K flight ticket.

When NOT to book your flight tickets ✋✋
Cheap flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town don’t come easy so, in order to be smarter with when you book your flight tickets, you need to know which days to avoid. Flights become expensive when you book before public and school holidays, because it’s the period where everyone wants to fly down to spend quality time with relatives, the extended family or to give the kids a break from school.

The most expensive days to book flight tickets are on a Friday and a Sunday - I can personally testify to this. Prices can reach up to 1k+ for one ticket so, if you are planning to fly over the weekend, I’d suggest booking 6 weeks in advance.

January, July and December are the most expensive months to book flights. December, notorious for its festivities and flights-to-home, can have you forking out 2k + for a flight ticket if you don’t book in advance. I suggest you make use of the discounts Airlines offer during the year to book at an amount hopefully, under 1k. January is the period when everyone comes back from vacation, it's the back-to-school and financially rough month and since everyone is scrambling for a flight back home, tickets are quite pricey.

International Flights 🗽🗼
Thailand is the rage these days but have you considered when the best time to visit Thailand is? Wednesday is proven to be the best day to book flight tickets to Thailand and the cheapest months to fly out of South Africa are May, October and November. Sunday is a definite day to avoid as flight tickets can become 10% more expensive than when you book mid-week.

Things To Remember When Booking your flight tickets ☝☝
One thing you should never forget in your quest to find cheaper flight tickets is that a high demand leads to an increase in the price of flights.

Travelstart compares flights from different airlines and can help you filter flights from the cheapest to the most expensive. It’s a great way for you to quickly find cheap flights that won’t hurt you bank balance.

While booking in advance can save you quite a few rands, it’s not always advisable. Flash sales/discounts could be offered and you wouldn’t want to be in a position where you can’t make use of them because you’ve already booked waaaay in advance.

The info-graphic below gives you extra insight on the best days to purchase airline tickets. Have a look at it and use it to score yourself affordable flights.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Travelstart

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