Why Roco Mamas ROCKS!

Who doesn't love a good, juicy, tender and scrumptious burger?? - minus the pickles of course, because ... eew.😣 If you were to ask me what food I'd be happy to eat for the rest of my life, while stuck on a deserted island, I'm 110%sure I'll say Burgers, because - to me- it doesn't get better than that. It's the perfect form of junk food and can be tailored to suit your dietary needs (Veggie burgers, vegan burgers etc-etc). whenever I think of hot days and chilled-vibes, almost 4/5 times
I think burgers and a good beer. Pizza would be an alternative but that's a blog post for another day.

A couple (emphasis on the couple) of weeks back I had the privilege - yes people it's a privilege to be able to eat at restaurants because most of South Africans can't even afford to buy bread, so be grateful and stay humble- of having lunch at Rocco Mamas with my parents after a dreaded 1 hour orientation session at Varsity college. You know how parents take you out for lunch and that lunch turns into your supper? yeah it was one of those.

It was then that I realised that Rocco Mamas is actually a pretty great place to kick it with friends and or family, for reasons I'm about to list in a few words to come: 

Each restaurant has its own vibe, look and feel to it and Rocco Mamas gives me major chilled, laid-back vibes. It's actually a surprisingly great place to go have drinks with friends.

2. THE FOOD 🍟🍗🍕
I actually should've noted this as the first reason because food is the most important thing... like ever. The food is really delicious - for lack of a better word- and filling. You can really build your own burger here because the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can add to an existing burger or to a burger you decide to build yourself.

They serve quite good/filling portions so much so I can never finish my food and there's always some leftover-something that I take with me in a doggy bag

Roccco Mamas is actually the first restaurant to introduce me to this style of ordering food. while their cool way of ordering your meal has some perks, some things can be charged to your bill without heaving even been added to the meal. Even though one would think that this system of ordering food minimizes error, as humans we're prone to making mistakes so this is inevitable. Nonetheless, the fact that I can go to a restaurant under the pseudonym king feels pretty good.

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