Why Airbnb is the #1 App For Traveling

It hit me last weekend, when I was in Cape Town Attending my cousin's graduation, that Accommodation is probably the most stressful thing that has to be checked off of your travel/mental checklist (If you have one). I've always had the difficulty of deciding which site to use in terms of accommodation and I've always preferred Hotel apartments as opposed to your standard no-stove hotels. I'm one who gets tired of having takeaways and  eventually long for home cooked meals. Try staying in a hotel for an entire 5 days with nothing but take away's and restaurant food being shoved down your throat ... TERRIBLE.

I know Airbnb has been in the market for quite some time - 9 years to be exact- but I'm pretty sure that there are a few people who don't know what Airbnb is about. So let me break it down to those of you who don't: It's a great app that lets you find accommodation anywhere around the world. What's great about it is it's affordable, safe and perfect for your home away from home stay.πŸ’

Pictures from My Cape Town Trip
Pictures from My Cape Town Trip

Well firstly you'd need to have the app installed on your phone, get yourself registered and prep yourself for the hardest decision to make: Where to stay (because of the many, many, MANY great options Airbnb has.)


Once you've got the app on your phone:

1. This is the interface you'll be seeing when you open the app, all you have to do is input the necessary information which is highlighted by the red squares. You input your destination in the first box and then in the second you input your dates and alter the amount of guests which is Automatically set to one.

2. This is the interface you get when selecting dates. The dark green/turquoise highlights the days you are planning on staying. The minimum stay in each place is different and is set by the host, so your booking capabilities will be limited if more than one night stay is required. When dates are crossed out it means that they are not available to be booked and you will not be able to select them.

3. This is where you can alter the amount of guests, how many are children, infants and how man pets you plan on bringing in

4. This is the Search results interface after you've inputted in the necessary details, the red square is where all the search results will appear, along with the price, number of beds and whether or not it's the entire apartment being rented out or just a room.

5. You can skim through the apartments using the map icon highlighted in yellow circle in picture #4, The results are what you see in picture #5.

WHY AIR BNB?? πŸ’­πŸ’­

The rates are very affordable and communication takes place between you and your host instantaneously - Arrangements can be done via the DM's. I've had nothing but good encounters with my hosts!

#101 Tip : Always read the comments that previous guests have left on the listing that catches your eyes - these are a great way to tell if the place you want to book is really as great as it looks

If you still need more convincing, here are a couple more reasons why:

Variety of places to choose from - making a choice will be the only difficult thing you'll experience. However, not all listings are great, so of course you have to sift through the less-ideal ones.

2. You can instantly DM your host with regards to your booking (it goes down in the DM).

3. You get to "Live like a local πŸ’£" in apartments that are central to your ideal location, close to restaurants and the vibe.

4. Reviews are two-way. You get to review your stay a a hosts place and the host reviews you ( Be on your best behavior & respect peoples places).


I had the luck of staying at Shawn's apartment located near Greenmarket square.I was down in Cape Town for my cousins"Graduation. #UCTgraduate #HunsWithDegrees. Exciting much? Yes, because I''d never been to a graduation before. I loved Shawn's place. If it were up to me, I'd give it 10/5 Stars.

Congratulations Babe! #BabeWithADegree
Here's a couple of notes from my stay: πŸ“ŒπŸ“Œ

1. The apartment was clean and tidy when I arrived and had a 21st Century Chic-vibe despite the place of residence being an old building (Cape Town is full of old, vintage-vibed buildings). 

2. The apartment is situated right next to Greenmarket square so there is a bit of noise from the hustle and bustle of vendors and tourists - this however didn't bug me but do keep this in mind if you're irritable to noise at night. Despite this, the apartment's central location is advantageous as it's easy to catch an uber/taxify or walk to the night life that is on Long Street. - Shawn does give you a Taxify/Uber discount if it's your first time using these apps πŸ’š

Click The Image to Book this Place
Click The Image to Book this Place

3. There's an AWESOME restaurant right next to the apartment called Baran's (If you're planning to stay I recommend the farmhouse breakfast). Restaurants and areas of shopping are easily accessible (Walking distance) from the apartment so you'll feel like a real tourist strolling the streets of Cape Town. 

4. Shawn is an amazing hostπŸ‘πŸ‘, she was helpful in arranging an earlier check in time and had her colleague drop off spare keys when the original keys fell through the elevator slip 😒 - Be mindful of this space between the elevator crack. Overall, I'd highly recommend Shawn's place to anyone who would love to experience the authenticity of Cape Town and its culture.

Click The Image to Book this Place
Click The Image to Book this Place
Hopefully the app helps you just as much as it helps me and may you never have to struggle to find affordable, value-for-money accommodation!

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