The Boss Babe Guide To Curbing Unemployment

Unemployment is a real thing. SO, take a few moments to appreciate the job you have right now (like me) and stop complaining... unless you work for a really crappy boss and your job just sucks.

There are a lot of millennials looking for a job to cop the 5 year experience that the Junior content producer job posting says is a crucial requirement. None of us wants to be in a position where we're just enjoying the student life and the only job we can land after university is an internship that pays R3000 (They don't all pay this amount so relax) and you still have to pay off your NSFAS debt. Hectic. Imagine slaving for a whole 6 months, living off of R3000 which barely covers your needs? - unless you stay with your parents. Even so, be grateful you scored a paying internship because some internships don't even pay.

If you're a cosmopolitan fan you would've noticed how Boss-Babe themed their April issue was. This article basically summarises the Tips that you need in order to make yourself more employable in a country that's suffering from unemployment.


Please don't tell me your CV is constructed in the traditional cover page, list-of-subjects template that's existed for waaay too long. That's probably why you're still unemployed. You need to remember that your CV has to STAND  OUT from the crowd and if your CV looks like the 300 other people's who've applied for the job, your chances of getting employed are slimmer. Re-design your CV! has the most FAB CV/resume templates ever and most of them are F R E E.

Other important things to note about your CV:

Always list important information first! The most latest experience and the most relevant ones need to be listed first. The length of your CV is suuper belangrik. It's not an autobiography of yourself so please keep it to a maximum of 2 pages.

Make sure that your contact details listed on your CV are your most up-to-date ones. Always be ready to answer the phone - Professionally. A preferable greeting would be " *Insert Name & Surname* Speaking, How can I help you. You've identified that you are .. whoever you are so the recruiter wont have to waste time asking if your're you.

Give brief, but detailed explanations of your previous roles. Try to list the skills that they've advertised if you feel like you really learned those skills during that previous job. These are the key-skills they are looking for when skimming through the hundreds of CV's that land on their desk.


Effort is key so it's important that you persevere. 💪😅
It's important that you treat your search for employment like an actual job! Set aside time to dedicate solely to job searching and pick a handful of jobs to apply to!

Tailor-make each cover letter for each of the individual positions you'll be applying to, during the time you've allocated to job searching. It takes a lot of effort to see results, so be prepared to put in the effort.

Word on the net is that it's not at all creepy - in fact it's encouraged - to stalk the company you'd like to work for on LinkedIn and all of their social media channels even the people who work there. I know most of us ladies have FBI-level skills when it comes to stalking so this is something you can definitely do 💆😆. Don't put this on your CV though .. that's not cool.


The recruiter assess you the minute you walk into the building of the company, before you even speak, she/he has preconceived ideas of you from the way you dress. I'm not going to list personal hygiene as one of the most important factors because we're fab ladies who know how to smell good, look good, and be presentable right?, but for the sake of being thorough, please guys... personal hygiene is a MUST - just don't overdo it with the perfume. What I will address is what you wear. It's important to dress the part. 💃

To help put things into perspective, you would not get hired by someone in the creative department if you came in wearing the most formal of formal suits, neither would you get hired if you walked into an accounting firm with a creative, neon themed outfit... wold you?  Always remember to dress for the job you're interviewing for but to also add dash of your personality to what you wear.

ALWAYS CARRY CONFIDENCE this is crucial because being shy can make it seem like you're not entirely sure about your abilities and whether or not you would be able to handle this job. Take a shot for liquid courage but chew on some mints for fresh breath and strut yourself to the recruiter like you're on South Africa's Next Top Model. 💪👯

BE BOLD, BE FEARLESS  - and don't be someone you're not. Authenticity is key and if you go to work and put up a front, trust you'll hate working.


  1. These are such great tips. When job hunting its easy to feel deterred by your current unemployed state but if approach it in the right way it can also be a great opportunity to develop skills and new passions which will help you on your future career path! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Allegra xx

    Allegra Ghiloni Fashion Stylist

    1. The Babe Behind The Blog30 April 2018 at 12:37

      Hi Allegra, Thank you so much for reading!

      I'll check out your blog in a few :)

      B xx

  2. I love the REAL content on your blog - I love how I can associate with ALL the content on here. Thank for sharing your real life stories and experiences with the rest of us - you just made yourself a new fan! Keep on babe-ing it out!

  3. I absolutely love this!


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