#COSMOHustle 2018 Event Highlights

So when Cosmopolitan Magazine announced  the #COSMOHustle2018 workshop that was centered around their influencer edition, I was definitely captivated. I decided to get myself a ticket that VERY night, because a little birdy told me that the tickets would sell out FAST! - and they did.

The event was nothing short of immaculate. It was well-planned and served it’s purpose in educating, inspiring and empowering the ladies that were at the event.

The selective availability of tickets is something I liked because it made the event much more manageable - the opposite of overcrowded -, with a medium sized group of women and encouraged networking across women from different fields and backgrounds.πŸ‘€

Did I not meet amazing women working in a selection of fields?? YES I DID!

By far the one that really captivated my interest was a young woman I met who is a doctor by profession and tells of her passion for public health care. During our 20-30 minute conversation which was sparked over a cuppachino and prescription glasses I got to see her passion for public health , the love she has for being a doctor and the many problems our country faces when it comes to to good quality health care.


The food was SCRUMPTIOS 😭😭The mini-breakfast was filling and just what i needed since i hadn't had breakfast that morning - just a wick nibble of my MC Donald's from the previous night. I had this amazing chocolate tart - take me back pleeaaase! The bubbly was proudly brought to us by Boschendale. It was sparkling and tasteful to the tongue.


We received a gift bag which consisted of a whole damn bottle of Boschendal! You know the Gift Bag is poppin when there’s Boschendal inside! Apart from the Boschendal there was a sexy Guess umbrella, a selfie lighting device, a cute notebook and pen and the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, which by the way, I was dying to read/cop!

I really wish I could transcribe everything that was said at the event. The advice was valuable and practical. A common thread within the the three ladie's talks was Authenticity. It's important to always be yourself.

Aisha Baker - BakedOnline
Beauty blogger, influencer and soon-to-be-mom asked a vital question. Do you know how to use google? A lot of people think that they know how to search for stuff on google but the key is to be very specific. I actually relate to what Aisha said, we aren't specific enough with what we want google to show as results. She gave examples on what you should google instead of what you do google. I also loved the fact that she showed that you don't need expensive equipment, your iPhone/Samsung can do you much good if you don't have the budget for a fancy HD Camera. Just google " How to shoot HD videos with my *Insert Brand of phone and MODEL*.

Aisha also mentioned how finding inspiration from Instagram and Facebook is a trap because you can end up doing what has already been done, so she urged us to find inspiration from paces where the hype isn't at.

Kefilwe Mabote - Luxe Social Media influencer

" My feed, Feeds Me"
She's a babe I can totally relate to! She gets carried away when answering questions and mid-way through her sentence, asks what the question was again - totally me. I copped a bunch of quotes from her talk, she mentioned that consistency is key and she relaid a story of how she actually hustled for her first social media gig which paid 20k a month. She now reps Lamborghini.
"Never Compromise your values for a pay cheque"
Kefilwe inspired me to pitch my proposals to brands I'd like to work with, even if its a long shot.

Sibahle Mpisane - Fitness Bunny

The realest thing I've ever heard is when Sibahle mentioned how Zodwa Wabantu knows that she's ugly and she -uSibahle- said this because she was slashed on social media for a photo she posted that highlighted her big feet (She's a size 7 guys, please chill we don't determine the size of our feet). In knowing that she is ugly she is essentially putting her insecurities out in the open and when you do that you take away people's power to point them out and laugh at them. This really encouraged me to face my insecurities and work on overcoming them.

I didn't want the event to end! Seeing so many women, from different fields with different aspirations and dreams bigger than 19-year old me, empowered and inspired me to continue with my grind no matter how overwhelming or tiring it may be. Despite the failures, ridiculing and haters I am thoroughly convinced that I will be the woman I aspire to be, that I will achieve greatness and that the fruitage of my hustle will show.

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