Salsa Mexican Grill

My sister is a HUGE Mexican food fanatic and when KFC released their version of a (questionable) burrito - I’m not a hater of KFC though - , she was sooo excited to try it out. Only to be dismally disappointed (the chicken still good throughπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹).

So anyway, moral of the story is don’t go to a restaurant that sells sushi and expect to get the best chicken in the history of chicken πŸ—πŸ—

Cue, the Salsa Mexican grill! The only place my sister and I will be grabbing tacos’ and burritos from – unless another Mexican place pops onto our radar. It's got maaad chill vibes. From the way the place is styled/decorated to the menu itself. There's not really much to choose from, it's basically between a build-your-own-taco/burrito or you choose from pre-existing ones on the menu. This isn’t bad but people might get tired of that as time goes on. You know how it is, somethings trend one day and they are not spoken of the next day, such is life. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

They’ve got great vibes and the build-your-own-burrito was extremely delicious!!! There are side options as well, such as: shoestring fries 🍟🍟(my faves, obviously), Mexican meatballs (Spicy AFπŸ”₯), and pop thingies (forgot the name but here's an anatomy break down of what it consists of: it’s a deep fried chili with cheese and i'm not a fan of hot food).

Here's a fun fact? Apparently Mexicans love tequila - this is a deduction I came to, seeing that there's a lot of tequila on the menu. The menu is popping with that!

It's a really great place to grab some drinks, hot food and have great vibes.

They have a shot that’s 550😲😲? Imagine. A Shot, 550?
I wish to one day try this shot when money beings to fall down from trees and i'm not struggling to fork out R5 for parking at the mall.

I really had a splash πŸ’¦ at this place and our waiter was really nice! The first waiter ever, to treat my friend and I as if we are adults- we are btw, technically, legally speaking. You know some waiters tend not to give us a lot of attention because they assume that we’re not going to tip or that we’re going to under-tip, but my friend and I have been waitresses before, so we know all about that struggle life. So tipping is a must, please.

Overall I’d toats go back and I’m literally craving that burrito like, right now. As I'm typing this. Can I go back?? Totally worth the go and try bc… the food is popping , the vibes are lit and I was just put at ease when I was there.


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