January Letter From The Blog Editor

I'm probably late with the whole "New year new me" stuff, I'm not an avid believer in it either but it wouldn’t hurt to mention it , partly because I have it to owe for the re-branding of my blog.

See, towards the end of 2017, my life took a turn for the worst (maybe I'm being a bit word-dramatic but the feeling you get when you've dropped your ice-cream without even getting to lick it just once, is exactly how I felt.) Anyway, I lost, essentially my best friend (not through Death) and I went back to my space of negativity, the space I was in when my twin brother passed away, in 2015.

For a couple of days I was feeling the worst, even worse than the way I felt when my brother died, watching him die & sitting in psychologist sessions I dreaded. One day, through all of this heavy pain I was internalizing, I realized 2018 was looming and that I could actually use this year to prepare myself for 2018 and make 2018 the year of progressive healing, working on pain, de-stressing, and the creation of memories more epic than those of 2017. 😎

At first (I'm ashamed to admit), It was mostly centered around being a "new me" to show my ex (yes he’s the friend) that clearly he wasn’t & isn't thinking straight and we should get back together. Again, after a couple of days I realized that that would be detrimental to me emotionally and psychologically.

Everyday I worked on re-shifting that mindset to view It as the year of “Me, Myself & I”. I sat down and mentally wrote a list of things I'd like for myself in 2018, things like: Healing from the break-up, putting all my energy into my blog and myself as a brand, changing courses (because my heart lies with marketing now), being Unequivocally happy, being at peace emotionally and mentally (because mental health is a thing and I battle with negativity on a daily basis) and to take care of myself (I don't mean going to gym, because that's a New Years' resolution that's beeen on my list😓).

I eventually began to become extremely excited because really, all of the things I've just mentioned were and are achievable and the thought of how i'd feel once they've been achieved, is what really drives my excitement. I also realized that I could not allow myself to be in a space of negativity, drinking my pain away until the hangover wears off and i'm just really feeling a million times worse and internalizing my hurt.

My blog is about women empowerment so, I asked myself “if you can’t even empower yourself, how are you supposed to empower other women out there”? I stepped things up a bit and stopped my negativity from creeping beyond my bed. Whatever negativity I was feeling, I allowed myself to feel the emotions (cry if needed to) but also got myself together and thought positively.

I honestly underestimated the power of positivity! When I started embracing positivity, everything in my life changed, I worked with awesome brands which made my positivity skyrocket (I get extremely ecstatic whenever I’m doing things that are blog related). Life was and is still good.

Positivity really does go a long way in shifting your life and your health to where the grass is greener.  

It comes with a lot of work though, because positivity is something you actively work towards. Please note that it doesn’t mean that you will not be negative, believe me I've had a handful of negative feels but the difference is I don’t allow these feels to control my life, I feel what I feel and I brush it off.

The birth, of an upgrade to bvlogblog.com is essentially symbolic of the birth, of an upgraded me, ready to conquer and overcome any emotional, physical, psychological or mental challenges thrown against me.

2018 is the year of the kings. The year of Me. 🙋🙋


  1. Yes!!!
    I love everything about this. And you should be aware that when you transition to a better you, you will lose some people only because they don't belong with the better you!
    Let's all empower each other. We need to. ��

    1. Hi There Anonymous! :) :) , Thank you so much for your comment! Its extremely uplifting and i will bear this in mind from now onward !


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