February Letter From The Blog Editor

First of all, Maradona 💃💃. I'm obsessed with this song and I don’t even feel ashamed of putting it on repeat the whole damn night and the next morning when I'm hyping myself up for the day. It’s a great song  and if you don’t know it yet, give it a listen here. Its important you give it a listen because, it's basically the tone of this months' letter. Vibrant, fun and colorful. 💣💦👅

It’s like the first two months of the year really freak people out. Januwworry for its lack of money and Februworry for our lack of other halves! RELAX!✋ It's not everything to have someone do something for us on valentines day - although I must admit its nice - , It really isn't the end of the world and you wont stay single.

Valentines day is a trap – no hate to those that believe, breathe and live valentines day.

Why is there no day where self-love for oneself is encouraged? I say, if you're single it's your duty to make this day all about yourself. You love you! So why doesn’t the you that loves you, show you?? 

Don’t neglect yourself.

Disclaimer: Self love is not a 14th-the-February-i'm-single-af-let-me-love-myself-once-off-kind-of-thing. Its an everyday kind of thing.

Definition: 📚📚
Self love: putting yourself, your emotions, mental health and overall well being ahead of anyone else. 

The longest person who will be with you, literally through thick and thin, is yourself. You have conversations with yourself, you are yourself. So it makes sense that a HUGE chunk of the love you have to give and keep, 99.99999% of that should be to you. The remainder is for family, friends, lovers and things you are passionate about.

This month has really been about putting myself first ahead of anything else because when it came down to it I bore a lot of emotional and mental pain which was making the load I have even heavier instead of lightening it. There's a feeling of contentment and an abundance of reciprocated love that I feel in the air and its not just the windiness of Cape Town. It's hope and it's assurance of greater days to come. 💃❤

So, in summary: February, for me is teaching myself about self love and consistently putting it into practice. Because as much as it is a mindset-shift kind of thing it's actively working towards being utterly and completely in love with yourself!

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