Nivea Toning Lotion

There's nothing I hate more than having a face that’s glowing - literally. That’s the reason why I've switched from Vaseline to normal body and face creams, to run away from the shine! 🌞🌞🏃🏃

Some of us are blessed enough to not have oily skin, but for those that don't have that luxury, controlling the shine can be a mission and a half.

I, fortunately, don't battle with excessive oily skin, but I do have the misfortune of battling with glowing skin.
See, either I put a little face cream and my face becomes dry, mid-way through my day and I literally feel like I've put on a face mask, or I add just the right amount (or maybe over) and my face glows. An unnecessary and unpleasant glow. 🌟🌟

So, I switched up my morning routine and added the Nivea Toning Lotion - courtesy of RubyBox! - if you'd like to try beauty products from them and offer an honest hearted opinion, then simply click the word RubyBox (which you passed a couple of words ago and set yourself up) 💃💃

So what is the Nivea Perfect and Radiant Toning Lotion?

It's a toning lotion - except what comes out of the bottle is literally a water-like fluid so, be very careful when pouring the contents out - I made the mistake of thinking a thick, white, lotion would pour out with a considerable amount of effort and boy was I wrong. You can imagine the shock I experienced and the amount of liquid that was in the palm of my left hand.

It’s a toning lotion that is enriched with magnolia extract which works in harmony with your skin and is specifically designed for skin which is prone to oiliness and blemishes (ME alert).

So, in summary this is what the toning lotion can do for you: 😋😋
  • Gently purify and clear the skin 
  • Help prevent blemishes 
  • Controls shine 
  • The formula doesn’t try out or irritate the skin. 
  1. Apply daily with a cotton pad (don’t pour it onto the palm of your hand) to a cleansed face, avoiding the eye area. 
Expected Results on skin:
  • Your skin looks clear and radiant with no unpleasant shine.
  • Your skin is 99% you selfie! So choose and invest in the right skin care products!! 

My morning routine is weird and complicated but bear with me, it’s the effort it takes to achieve a Glow-free (the wrong kind of glow) face.

Really, my skin care routine starts when I wash my face. I use Dettols' Pomegranate Even-Tone Soap, which scrubs off a lot of dirt from my face - check my white wash cloth for evidence of that. After that I attend to my entire body and so, of course, naturally my face gets dry. 😫😫


I then apply Johnsons Body cream, on my face. Yes, body cream on my face!. It's not a thick lotion, it’s a bit watery so it’s the first thing that gives my face an unnecessary shine.

I apply the Nivea Perfect and Radiant SPF 15 Day Cream, wait a bit, and then lastly apply the Nivea Toning Lotion. 😍😍

See I told you my routine is weird, especially since application of the product is only on a cleansed face (but rules can be bent). I'm just really touchy/picky when it comes to my skin, especially my face! Any way, I focus the toning "lotion" more onto the blemish I have on the left hand side of my face caused by a straw from a burger king meal - true story.

What I liked about the product 🙋🙋
  • The fact that it isn't a lotion is something I liked, I feel like a professional dermatologist whenever I apply it ! It'd definitely last long so the retail price of R62,95 is well worth it! 
  • The fact that it's actually lightening the blemish on my left hand side 
  • It does leave my skin feeling soft.. -ish 
  • It smells Gooood 
What I didn’t particularly like about the product ☝☝
  • When I only apply the product itself it gave me a matte-finish-look on my skin, something I'm not really a fan off. It isn't a bad thing, it's just testament to the fact that it could really help someone who's struggling with oily skin. 
  • Upon application of the product your face will shine a bit but after the toning "lotion" has absorbed into your skin, you shall shine no more. 👎👎

I'd definitely recommend this product to ladies that are battling with oily skin and blemishes. Prevention is better than cure, so even if you don’t have any blemishes at the moment but, are prone to have them then get yourselves the toning lotion, give it try. Do note however the product is intended for women with oily skin.


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