Spring Fiesta: The Recap

Its been quite a rainy week ☔☔ and I had hoped that the rain would have at least subsided during the weekend but, with no such luck. Needless to say things continued as planned - I mean, the world shouldn’t stop simply because of a little rain.🙅🙅

This past weekend (07th October) I was privileged to attend the 7th edition of Spring Fiesta - ticket courtesy of Vibescout, and I must say I had a blast.💥💥 The video is right at the bottom, so you can either have a read through my experience and highlights of everything that stood out, pictures included or scroll down to the video!

The Venue 💣💣

The overall Experience 💃💃

The event was really lit 🔥🔥. I enjoyed myself very much! From the vibe to the hospitality that the Spring Fiesta crew had, as well as the sponsors and their promotions/promoters. It exceeded my expectations and I'd definitely catch the next event if they decided to have one next year. If you haven't attended any of the Spring Fiesta events then read this post, because I guarantee that after reading this you'll get your tickets as soon as they are available.


The event was very well organised 👍👍. There were 3 bag-check and ticket-point stations, which I found to be very efficient, effective and a plus 👍👌 for those of us at the event. Security was tight. Trust me when I say this. I had a bit of an altercation - not really an altercation, but for lack of a better word- with the security guards at the first check point over a minor issue but the security personnel was overall really friendly.

The police were present. Lots of them actually.

Medics were also present on site, they even had their own section, so to say, so if you had incurred a minor injury then all you had to do was pop into their tent. - I mean you know how events can sometimes go south when certain people decided to misbehave.

Sponsers / Promoters 😎😎

Heineken was not only offering water (Free of charge) but they were also offering attendees of the event a FREE R100 Uber voucher , to use to get home safely as part of their drinking responsibly initiative.

We were offered complimentary Smirnoff shot cards by the young Smirnoff promoters, to try out the new Smirnoff 1818 Apple vodka flavor. It tastes really Good! I'd definitely snag this flavor instead of the original. I had quite a few shots of this. You had the option of choosing to take the shot clean or add lemonade or coke as a dash - trust I took clean shots.

Toilets 💩💩

There were designated toilets for general access, VIP and VVIP. I think this was a great idea as the attendees wouldn't have to walk outside of the VIP sections to get to the toilets.

There were portable toilets as well as your normal standard bathrooms. I only used the portable toilet which was fairly clean and didn't reak.

Just FYI ❓❓

There was also a proposal that happened on stage, early into the event, which I think was extremely cute and romantic. Everyone was in awe of the couple and some girls were probably jealous of the ring! IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!. I repeat , the ring is GORGEOUS, Scroll down to the bottom to watch the video!

Food 🍟🍰🍔

VVIP and VIP got served food , which was really delicious. You had a choice between three plates:
  1. Three well-spiced, very well cooked chicken wings with succulent, and tasty, potato wedges 🍗🍗
  2. A portion of ribs with the very same succulent and tasty potato wedges (Guys, I LOVE Potatoes) 🍟🍟
  3. A mini-beef-stew meal, with a potatoes, a cheesy sauce, and diced tomatoes.
I Actually had all of these options (Don’t ask me how, I did the things) and all three of these mini-meals which by the way, left me full, were very much delicious, well prepared and well worth the wait.

Transactions 💲💲

Smirnoff had a card-less initiative that they had set up for the event, where you load your money onto the card and can buy alcohol worth the amount that you'e loaded. It was very important that you load the money onto your card as soon as possible as I was told the lines got long as more people started to arrive. The card is really cute (I wish I had kept mine, but unfortunately I returned it when I retrieved my refund, which was the value of the money that was left over since I was leaving the event and those cards really only work at the event so I had to).

The Extra Stuff 😛😛

Everyone was friendly, even the clean up staff! They had smiles on their faces and they were ready to collect any litter left on the grounds. I'm pretty sure clean up was smooth. 

It rained but despite the rain, people were still enjoying themselves, they didn't let the rain dampen the vibe or their mood.

The performances were amazing, each artist went above and beyond with their performances. they really delivered the tickets worth, more actually. The atmosphere on stage was phenomenal.

The different stages made it really hard to choose where you were going to spend the rest of your night. The stages were also situated at a perfect-enough-distance that you could only hear what was being played at those specific stages. 

A big thumbs up 👍👍 to all the event organizers as well as the people that made spring fiesta possible, they clearly worked together as the event would not have turned out as amazing as it was, if there wasn't any level of cooperation amongst the spring fiesta team members.

If you weren't at this years Spring Fiesta, make sure you attend next years one. prepare in advance and arrive with a ready-to-have-fun-attitude, and also prep for the effects of the alcohol as well as the ache of your feet from the excessive dancing - i'm still recovering.

If you'd like to check out upcoming events in and around Jozi, or where you're situated, then simply head over to Vibescout, and check where the vibe is at this weekend.

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