Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lips

For the lovers of matte, those that are skeptical about Matte Lipsticks and those that are looking for bright lipstick colors to slay summer with , look 👀no further and read on. 👯👯👯👇

Rimmel London has created the PERFECT Matte-Liquid-Lips-lipsticks to make you stand out from amongst the crowd and give you that extra "Thang" to SLAY your outfits.

The Stay Matte Liquid Lip range comes in 15 shades, including nudes, brights and edgier statement-colours, like blue, charcoal and black.
I am in 😍😍 with these! With my absolute favorites being Midnight and Plum That Show.

The picture on the left displays 8/12 shades I received from RubyBox, and are just some of my absolute favorites. 

They are quick to dry and don’t leave your lips feeling sticky - or looking cracked and dry - when you put your lips together. They dry perfectly, meaning your lips don’t looked cracked and dehydrated, but instead have a velvety, perfect AF Finish. ❤❤

STEP ONE: Apply Rimmel London Matte Stay Liquid Lips. 


Kiss Proof 💋💋
With the quick dry time this matte liquid lipstick has your back! You don’t have to worry about leaving lipstick on your hubby's lips, your children's cheeks or on anyone in general. So it's kiss proof tested by me.

Water Proof 💦💦
I literally bathed with this matte liquid lips lipstick - I mean we slay 24/7 don't we? -  and I must say it stood the test of Water. Water proof ?? CHECKED & Approved by me. 💪💪

Touch proof 👐👐
You'll need to apply it carefully because it's definitely touch proof, meaning if you applied a little bit over your lip, hard-luck 💆💆 because it takes quite an effort to remove! So it's very much touch proof

Each Rimmel London Stay Matte liquid lips retails for about R119.95! You can purchase it at your nearest cosmetics store or simply enter the competitor over here (link to be added soon), to stand a chance of being 1 of 2 winners to win 4 of the Rimmel London liquid matte lips.

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