Monday, Tuesday, WASHDAY!

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WASH DAY - The day that most naturals dread! I've been guilty of using all types of excuses just to avoid it, but when I do eventually get around to it, my scalp feels refreshed.  And it's known as WASH DAY for a reason; it takes up the whole of your day! But it can be therapeutic if you do it the right way.

So cancel all your plans (jokes), put on your favourite playlist and let's get right into the day. In THE GUIDE TO ESSENTIALS post, I explained the different methods, be sure to read that first before proceeding.

I wash my hair once a week as my hair is always in braids so it needs some TLC when the braids are out. How frequently you wash your hair, is all up to you but be sure to observe how your hair reacts.

Since my hair is in braids, Lynn Washaya , is our hair model for this post, isn't she just beautiful? You'll be seeing this face in our future posts. She is  currently transitioning and our devoted cheerleader! 

[To be done before shampoo]

Pre-poo is the application of oil prior to shampooing to add moisture to the hair shafts and also to prevent the shampoo from stripping the hair of all natural oils.

  1. Place your container of oils into a larger container with boiling water
  2. Section your hair into 4-8 sections, depending on the the length of your hair - we'll be working section by section
  3. Spray each section with water, I use aloe juice for this step
  4. Apply the oil to your hair and use this chance to de-tangle by combing through with a wide tooth comb or your fingers (finger de-tangling). Be sure to massage the scalp.
  5. Twist or braid the section.
  6. Repeat to other section
  7. Cover with shower cap or plastic bag and keep in for 45 MINUTES or overnight

Side Note: I've fallen in love with Naptural85's pre-poo method (click to check it out) with fresh aloe plant but Aloe is hard to find in Cape Town 😓

Everyone has different shampooing methods, suited to the needs of their hair. This is my current method and I have found that I have less hair shedding and less tangles. 

  1. Wet your hair 
  2. While still in sections, apply the shampoo to your scalp.
  3. If your hair contains a lot of build up, you can undo the twists/plaits but be sure to focus on the scalp.
  4. Massage the shampoo into the scalp, making sure to use the pads of your fingers and not your nails.
  5. Rinse the shampoo out once you feel your hair is clean.
  6. I like to use normal conditioner just to make my hair feel a bit softer and sleek. When applying, I focus more on the ends of my hair, then move to the shaft of the hair,  I also finger de-tangle, this helps remove some shedded hair and knots. When I'm satisfied I rinse it out.


[Every wash day/once a week]

I once wrote an exam on my wash day, I stopped after this step and just used a doek to hide the fact that I was deep conditioning underneath  😂😂 -- Proof that wash day can't destroy your plans for the day.

  1. Section your hair (again)- this works best especially for long hair and you want to get the deep conditioner along your hair shafts.
  2. Apply the DC to the section while hair is wet, massage it into the hair shafts
  3. Twist the section.
  4. Repeat the steps till all sections are covered.
  5. Cover hair with a plastic bag or shower cap or cling wrap.
  6. Cover over with a doek or warm towel** to generate heat.
  7. The recommended time to keep the DC in is 45 minutes but when I get occupied, I can go for 4 hours or even OVERNIGHT with the deep conditioner in.
  8. Wash it out section by section, ensure you re-twist the section after washing out the DC

** Slightly wet a towel then warm it in the microwave until it is the desired heat. Then wrap it over the shower cap.

[DIY Deep Conditioner Recipe:]
This is my 'go-to' recipe when my budget (non-existing 😂)  isn't looking good and I love it. It left my hair so soft and manageable. I adopted this recipe from a Facebook group for naturals; 'It's All Natural'.

- Banana Purity

- 2 Tbsp Olive Oil
- Coconut oil [or oil of your choice]
- Honey
- Yoghurt

Mix all these together and apply as stated above.

[Every 4-6 weeks]

The steps are very similar to that of the DC so repeat the DC steps but instead using your protein treatment of choice. It can also be kept in for 45 minutes.

[DIY Protein Treatment Recipe:]

- 1 egg

- 2 Tbsp of plain yoghurt/ Mayonnaise
- Olive oil and other oils of choice
- 1 Tbsp honey

Mix together till smooth then apply. 


Hopefully, your hair is still in sections if not, you know what to do. This step is where LOC, LOCS, LCO method is applied. I use the LCO method as it works best for retaining moisture in my hair.

I'd advice that you get an old T-Shirt to slightly dry your hair. Towels pull on your hair and cause unnecessary breakage.

At this point, use the T-Shirt so that your hair is no longer dripping wet but damp enough for you to begin the moisturize process for best curl definition. 

  1. Spritz your hair with a mixture of water and leave in conditioner
  2. Apply a small amount of your favourite curl cream to your
  3. Apply a small amount of your oil or Shea butter
  4. Style as desired [twists/three strand plaits/flat twists etc.] - The best curl definition is achieved when done on wet hair
  5. Then let it air dry or dry with hairdryer on the cool setting

And that concludes the wash day!

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- The Bee Ivy

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