Elygdium Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

I've always wanted to try out Teeth-Whitening products but either I never really had the motivation to or that I didn’t have the cash - because my parents buy the toothpaste in the house, so I've always used what was bought. I was really excited to try this Teeth-Whitening product!

It has a complicated-ish application schedule, but one that is easily manageable if you print out a schedule before hand. There are two pastes that you apply onto your teeth, the Elgydium Toothpaste with micro-pulverized sodium bicarbonate, and the Elgydium anti-stain toothpaste cure. I'll discuss each paste individually and give you the pros and cons. What I liked, what I didn’t and the overall effectiveness of the product in whitening my teeth.

R59.99 - 75g Tube – Available at Dis-Chem and Clicks

This aids in achieving healthy and visibly brighter teeth. The recommendation for use are as follows:
Use 2 or 3 times a day after each meal, with a suitable toothbrush.

It also warns that due to the toothpastes' effectiveness, it can cause mild gum irritation, and that if this does happen that you use the toothpaste less-often and alternate with a toothpaste for sensitive gums.

This proved true for me because my gums would bleed or have mouth sores - I wasn’t really blessed when it comes to the dental side. So I did alternate.

You can feel/taste that the toothpaste is different from your regular toothpaste. I also feel like you can feel the bicarbonate working on your teeth as well.

R69.95 30g Tube – Available at Dis-chem

This Toothpaste has a different texture to the sodium bicarbonate one. It's blue and doesn’t feel like toothpaste on your teeth at all. So, it was really at first, weird, and after the first brush I added more , it really washes away after your first mouth rinse - there's none left on the brush. Its got a minty flavor. , So your breath won't smell - but remember to brush your tongue as well!

It's recommended that you use this twice per week, after meals, instead of your usual Toothpaste and is reserved for adult use only.

It favors mitigation of residual stains and polishes the dental surface. Contains froinol, a mineralizing agent that protects the enamel, and an original association of mineral and plant silica

Overall I'm happy with the product as it did whiten mostly the front of my teeth. I could see the difference, unfortunately, due to the gum issue, once I alternated the results weren't as quick as it was before I started alternating.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone that isn't afraid of putting in the hard labor to have their teeth whitened, and can brush their teeth more than once a day, draw up a schedule (mental or on paper) of the days on which toothpaste will be used and when.


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