Does The University You Attend Guarantee Your Success

In today's generation, every teenager fresh out of high school or currently in matric stresses about university, fees aside - this is not a fees must fall debacle. It's the fact that we all feel pressured to get into the best of the best universities and it's not completely our fault, our parents and society plays a factor with regards to this too. They have this idea that the best of the best universities will guarantee their children success, a good job and lots of money! So, as a society we feel inferior to those who get into these "prestigious" universities. But, Does The University You Attend Guarantee Your Success?

In my opinion when it comes down to it, no employer would hire a graduate from a prestigious/top-ranked university if the work they delivered was less-than prestigious compared to a graduate from a less-than prestigious university. In the end its all about your work ethic, your mentality and what you have to offer the company. No one will get rich just by telling people that they are a graduate from a university that’s ranked number whatever. The proof is really in the pudding. 🍰🍰

Where you get your degree has no direct or indirect influence on how successful you'll become in life. I've heard of many successful people from universities that aren't ranked among the best of the best, and those that are.

We need to drop the mentally that is killing the youth and rather tell them that the true success lies within yourself , you are your only determining factor of true success. Don't choose a university based on the fact that you get to name-drop the university when you're asked which uni you attend.

I asked 6 other students from different tertiary institutions about whether they think that their university guarantees their success,and here's what they had to say:

Lennie Banda

"Definitely not, your success is dependent on you. At the end of the day you are the one that writes the exams and submit assignments. The universities' main purpose is to guide you"

Mawethu Mmomti
BSC Biological Science 

"The university I attend does not necessarily determine my success. I feel your success is duly determined by you. Many people go to the most well-regarded universities and achieve prestigious degrees (Engineering, biochemists etc) and they struggle to find employment once they leave varsity. I think the key to success is to invest in yourself. Going to varsity is another way I guess, but It goes beyond that. I feel you need to take charge if you want guaranteed success. Being self-sustainable is one way, not necessarily relying on an employer in order for you to display your skills. People attend the most subsidized institutions and do much more in the long run than those who went to varsities with mad tuition fees. It's duly all on you in the end. "

Moipone Bame
Marketing and Communications
Red & Yellow School

"I personally feel like it doesn't! Reason being? An individual could be in the best university and not even put in the work that's required of them, because the name of the university doesn't determine your success! You do! You're still the one who has to do the work! And make sure you pass to get a great job to succeed!
So the university is just there to give you the knowledge,its your choice if you take it or not!"

BA Multimedia In Digital Visua Arts

"No, it's just like the swimmers body illusion. I've been reading a book: "The Art Of Thinking Clearly" by Rolf Dobelli , there's a chapter where it asked (Does Harvard Make You Smarter?). After reading that chapter I realized what if, maybe, the best, top universities are horrible institutions, but were lucky to recruit the brightest students around. I mean you get intelligent students all-around, it's just an illusion. We never know what it's really like in those universities. What if the lectures are just not as good as we think they are, but because students place the university on a pedestal they think they are.  So, I personally think that being in the most high rated university doesn't mean I will be successful, it's all up to me and the hard work I put in"

Nqobile Mabaso
BA in Psychology
Wits University

"Firstly we would have to determine what  is meant by "success". If the success we are referring to is securing a job after graduation, then yes, the type of university you go to will have an impact on that for it is common knowledge that employees have a preference for graduates that come from certain "top" universities when it comes to hiring. Such universities also offer more graduate-recruitment programmes  However, if we are referring to success in terms of wealth, then that has more to do with the individual than the institution. Going to a top university will not guarantee your success. It will simply aid in securing a job for you as a graduate."

Mpho Tsaoane
Bcom Accounting
University Of Free State

I don’t think the university you attend guarantees your success, in fact, I don’t think going to varsity necessarily means you will be either. School is not for everyone, many successful people don’t know the inside of a lecture hall. I think it's because that from a young age we were taught that school is the only way because so much emphasis is put on school. In my opinion I say a person must find what makes them happy and do that.

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  1. Hey,

    I really understand and agree with some of what has been said/pointed out.

    However, I feel a sense of loss. A couple of answered questions:
    1) So, as the youth what value is University? Because if we are honest, a large portion of our reasoning for going to further our studies is because we want to have a job - or as stated "successful". Therefore, if my University doesn't gaurantee that, then what what significance/role does it play in ensuring my success?
    2) Surely, there is some justification as to why x University is rated 1st and another not. Surely, there is a reason partly due to success rate of the University that is taken into account when measuring the Universities capabilities. With that being said, yes - success to a great extent is based on the individuals efforts and dispositions - however, that is not all there is to it and an that's where matters like "University standards" come in. A student from University "y" is not tested and measured in the same way as a student from University "x". The work might be harder/easier or even more/less in the same amount of time. Hence, why, when a student from "x" says I am a graduate from "x" - it has some barring and some value to it.
    Although, I know it might not have been your point - but I feel that value of a university has been sort of swept under the rug.
    I would have just liked the value of a university to be added to this article, because there is value to it - not all the glory is a social construct.

  2. So, I guess what I am asking, is: If my university doesn't gaurantee my success, then what does it gaurantee?

    1. It gaurantees you growth, opportunities and experiences that will use to lead you towards your success.


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