BLACK GIRLS ROCK: Nkhensani Rikhotso


What Does It Mean To Be A Black Girl That Rocks? 🔥🔥
In my opinion being a black girl that rocks is to be unapologetically yourself, to have aspirations that are out of this world, that the world doesn’t think you can achieve for being black but you know that because you’re soaked in all that melanin, that you can achieve them and so much more. It's knowing that as a black girl, I’ve got that magic and I’m pure gold because it’s my gorgeous skin that makes me beautiful. 

What Words Of Encouragement/Empowerment Do You Live By? 🌻🌻

- Be fearless In the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. 
- We must all simply have courage and be kind. 
- In the midst of our failed attempts at loving Jesus, His grace covers us. 


When Did You Start Your Natural Hair Journey?

I started my journey on the 9th of December 2014 (The Big chop), I chose to let go of my relaxed hair to get a gorgeous mane of kinks and coils. 

How Is It Going So Far? 👯👯

I'm currently 2 years and 10 months Natural, I’ll be 3 years Natural In December. So far it’s been an amazing journey with a bucket load of failures, but I now understand my hair and what it needs, how to nourish and keep it healthy. I’ve come this far in my natural hair journey and it melts my heart seeing the growth and length I’ve retained over the years. 

Tell me about The Creation Of Your Natural Hair Account On Instagram 💁💁

The creation of my Natural hair account @kinks.and.coils was honestly an achievement. Before I started it on my main Instagram @s.anii_ I’d get so many dm’s about my hair, what products I use, if I can give them tips, how I wash my hair, how I moisturize my hair, how I style it and how I retain length and I’d post pictures for such on my Instagram. It made my Instagram look unorganized and messy so that's when I decided to create an account dedicated to Natural hair. I’d like to believe I’m a natural hair doctor lol 😋😋 

What Inspired You To Go Natural? 💥💥

I fell completely head over heels for the texture and how huge it looked, I never had natural hair growing up, I had relaxed hair for the longest time and my relaxed hair was thick, bushy and long but that wasn’t enough for me. I wasn’t happy that I never had the option to be Natural growing up, so I chose to go Natural and see if it was worth the fuss I made about it,  it was definitely worth it . 

Would You Recommend Going Natural To Every Black Girl Out There? 😁😁

I would actually recommend girls return Natural, that's when you’ll reap the benefits because no chemicals are being applied to your hair to weaken it in the process. Hair grows more effectively in its natural state. I want to be an inspiration to people, so they want to have natural hair and be proud of it. Being Natural teaches you patience and it teaches you to nurture and nourish the things you cherish, to keep them healthy

Would You Say That Having An Afro Is The Identifying Mark For Black Girls? 😊😊

I believe having an Afro is what makes us all black girls. You were born with natural hair, might as well flaunt it. Being a black girl is the ice cream and having an Afro is the cherry on top. Natural hair is a Black Girls' superpower, it shows how untouchable you are. 

What Inspires Your Style 💣💣

I Don't know what inspired my style. I love clothes and it honestly depends on how I feel. I can go from hipster, to grunge, vintage, girly, to tom boy-ish. I love switching it up.

Where Do You Get Your Clothing From? 🙆🙆 What Inspires Your Style

I get clothes from H&M, cotton on and Factorie (I'm a shopaholic). 

Describe Your Style In One Word?



What Genre Do You Enjoy? 😀😀

I read Young Adult books. The genres I read are romance (I’m a sucker for love AKA a hopeless romantic), realistic fiction, Christian fiction and Dystopian(well just the Divergent series by Veronica Roth). 

Where Do You Get Your Books From? 📝

I get my books from bargaining books, Exclusive Books and I also buy them online on 

Why Do You Read? 📘📗

I read because it's an escape from the real world into a new one each and every time I open a new book. I have a wild imagination and reading just feels right. 

Why Should Other Black Girls Read? 💪💪

I believe they should read because it is AWESOME, but on a serious note, it widens your horizons. Reading teaches you more and opens so many opportunities for you. 


I grew up in a Christian family but that wasn’t my start off point with God , my family showed me the way and I just chose not to depart from it . People perceive me to be a goody two shoes and a Godly girl ( which people found boring and weird ) but I didn’t care , but my relationship with the Lord began when Problems arose at home and I went to the Lord to find comfort and peace and it felt so right. The Lord shaped me into who I am now and He is still shaping me into a woman He wants me to be. I always keep God near me and in Christ I’ve grown stronger and I’ve found my worth and my confidence in Him and what makes to always return back to Him is that He knows I am imperfect and I fail him always but I love how He is a father that will always welcome me back In the midst of my failure and my sinful nature. He loves me just the same and my relationship with the Lord grows stronger by His grace.

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