Top 5 Spring/Summer Sneaker Picks

It’s been quite a cold– ish week but there’s no denying that spring/summer is upon us. Spring & summer are personally my favorite seasons because it means visits to the beach (when we’re down in the Cape with family), endless pleas from my sister to go swimming, slices of watermelon, glasses of Oros with ice cubes, homemade-store-bought ice cream, the opening of all the windows in the house and laziness as a result of the extreme heat. Spring and summer just give me major positive vibes!

Despite the spring/summer weather, I will forever be a sneaker girl and so, I present to you - In Collaboration with Superbalist - my Top 5 Spring/Summer Sneaker Picks, that I would wear throughout spring/summer. They aren't in order of importance because, I love all of these sneaker picks.

1. Womens' Cassic Cortez

Nike Sneakers are a must-have on any sneaker picks list. I fell in love with these babies when I saw them paired up with a long skirt and it looked sooo summer ready! That’s why I thought this'd be a great pick (especially for those of us that are sneaker-savvy) because not all of us are for sandals that show our toes (We don’t all have super-glamorous feet). These are also currently trending.

2. Stan Smiths

It's funny how all these classic Adidas Originals Sneakers are trending years after their original releases! It goes to show that classics are the best! You can never go wrong with a pair of Stan smiths. They're extremely cute and can be easily paired with an outfit.

3. The Classic Vans Slip Ons

These are super simple to pair up with any outfit and ensure maximum comfortability! Of course, please wear them with ankle socks because the heat in summer, plus shoes worn without socks, results in smelly feet. They're also super easy to wear, hence the name "Slip Ons". This is my go-to sneaker for the causal t-shirt and a jean or even a slip on dress.

4. Chuck Taylor All Star Metallics OX

Summer isn't Summer without a pair of low-cut Chuck Taylors!! This Chuck Taylor is a spin on the old one with red and blue lines, except it doesn't have those lines. This item is another must-have for summer. No discussion needed. You can literally pair these with anything in your wardrobe! From your casual T-shirt & Jeans, to jumpsuits & Play suits. I'm Pretty sure these'll be available for years to come because, they never go out of style.

5. Classic Old School Vans

I Love, Love, Love Vans! , Who doesn’t love Vans? This sneaker pick is a great way to make your outfits look cooler than the cool kids. It gives outfits a cool-kid or a vintage element (depending on how you pair them with your outfit) to them. You can pair it up with some ankle-high fish-net socks, any pair of socks you'd like to show off or just your simple discreet socks.

If you think these sneaker picks are a bit too pricey for you budget... fear not, I've got you and your wallet covered!

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** Pictures are taken from Superbalist

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