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In my previous (and first) article I spoke about creating my own blog but I'm here to stay on the BVlogBlog! I also promised you guys an article on the products that you can start your journey off on. I would suggest trying out testers or samples just to see what works for your hair but, I've included what I have used and  I am currently using. Feel free to email me with your questions ( I've divided the products into sections of use: wash, moisture and also tools so that you have an idea of their uses.


1.      Oils for the PREPOO process (optional)

Prepoo is the process of applying oil or conditioner prior to shampooing. This process helps retain moisture after washing  by preventing your hair from drying out. I would suggest doing it overnight. You can also do the detangling process during the application.

Products used/using: Caival Fusion Oil

2.      Shampoo

Try get SULFATE free shampoo but this all depends on your hair, some naturals have no issues with sulfates. Sulfates tend to strip the hair of all oils including natural oils, leaving hair with a straw-like feeling. I keep my hair in the twists/plaits and wash it. This helps prevent your hair from tangling thus losing less hair.

Product used/using: Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean! Shampoo and Tresemme Botanique (contains sulfates but does the trick)

3.  Conditioner/Co-wash

A Co-wash is the use conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo, I am yet to try this. Or you can just condition as normal after shampoo (like me), a normal conditioner helps restore the sleekness and softness in the hair.

Products used/using: Ultimate Blends Conditioner (nourishing and sleek restorer)

Image result for ultimate blends conditioner clicksImage result for ultimate blends conditioner clicksImage result for ultimate blends conditioner clicks

4.     Deep conditioner

Deep conditioner prevents damage, adds moisture to your hair, soften, promotes elasticity, adds shine as well. The deep conditioner is applied to freshly washed hair and the application of heat is optional. This should be done on every wash day.

Products used/using: Dark and Lovely Deep Masque and Originals Hair Mayonnaise

5.   Protein Treatment

Sometimes the hair gets weak and brittle and protein does just the trick to cure this. You don't necessarily have to buy the protein treatment. You can use what's in your kitchen like eggs, milk, and mayonnaise. This should be done at least once a month or when you feel your hair needs it.


  This is where the LOC, LCO and LOCS etc is implemented. I prefer doing this on wet hair for a better curl definition but that all depends on you.

Image result for afrobotanics leave in conditioner clicks1.       Leave in conditioner

You can either use the leave in, in its cream form or place it in a spray bottle with water and oils.

Products used/using: Afrobotanics Leave-In

Image result for curl la la clicks2.       Cream

You can use a curling cream or Shea butter.

Products used/using: Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La La and Shea Healing unrefined shea butter

Image result for caival clicks

3.       Oils

This is where my favourite fusion oil pops up again-- doing the most. It's the best, trust me, it contains most of the essential oils and carrier oils such as peppermint, olive, black castor oil and avocado.

Products used/using: Caival Fusion Oil


Spray bottle for your mixture of leave-in conditioner and water or just water and oil to keep your curls hydrated during the day
Wide-tooth comb and/or detangling brush to comb/brush out the knots
Shower cap
Hair ties without metal attachment [metal attachments pull on the hair and cause unnecessary breakage] or you can cut up old stockings to make hair ties!
Massage brush can be used as a shampoo brush and massage brush. This helps stimulate hair growth and it feels great on the scalp!
Sattin/Silk Bonnet or scarf
The bonnet is to be used to cover your hair when sleeping or going about your activities at home. This helps retain moisture while you sleeping by ensuring that the oils applied remain in your hair shafts and also prevents damage and tangling the hair.

Related image

All these products, tools and more can be found at Clicks, Dischem, and New Looks Cosmetics (NLC). Clicks is always running a 3 for 2 special where you can get three products but get the cheapest one free.

It will take time to get into the swing of things but once you’ve got it, it’s a breeze. You don't necessarily have to use everything I’ve mentioned as what works for me doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you. Listen to your hair, the more you listen, the easier it will be finding suitable products and bring on the growth.

ADVICE: Last year I joined a natural hair support groups and that helped me find the right products, learn all the different methods and more. The people there are real, friendly and always willing to lend a hand in the natural journey. Join on facebook for advice, tips, inspiration, updates on events and motivation. It is also a perfect platform to ask all your burning questions.

I really hope you guys enjoyed the article. Please comment on the post and share  it.

-          The Bee Ivy


  1. Hearts__ease💞23 September 2017 at 21:27

    Hey, B. I've been thinking of transitioning from relaxed hair. Your posts are very helpful. I'm mad inspired! Keep them coming.

    1. Hey There :) Lennie Banda is the author of the "The Bee Ivy Series" Which Forms part of the natural hair category here on BVlogBlog, B -me- Focuses on everything else, I'll let Lennie know about your comment though! I'm Mad inspired too actually!

  2. The advice is really good. How often do have wash days? I used to do it once every week (sometimes even twice), but I realised that my hair was constantly dry and I lost a lot of hair.

    Oh and I agree that is a great platform for naturals

  3. Great advice, love it. How often do you have wash days? I used to have them once a week (sometimes even twice a week), but I noticed that I lost a lot of hair and my hair was constantly dry. Now I wash once a month. I think maybe just adress that point and also what protective hairstyles are beneficial for our hair.

    Oh and I agree that is a great platform.

    1. It all depends on your hair, I do it once a week and it works for me, others wash every the weeks and it works for them. Having natural hair is all about what works for you and your hair. Don't compare to what others are doing because it won't necessarily work for you 😊

      I'll definitely do an article on wash days and the protective style. We are just slowly trying to build our audience.

      Thank you so much for your support 💞

  4. I don't know why Lennie didn't tell me these tips when I had hair����but what a lovely topic my friend! Keep it up����

  5. Slowly getting hooked to your articles .
    Question, in stage 1 you said we hit up oils for the prewash, what oils are these ? Keep them coming 🤗

    1. Sorry for the late reply, honestly thought that I had answered.

      You could do a cocktail of oils like olive oil, coconut oil and tea tree oil. Or just one. But be sure to use oils that work best for you hair.

      I have Caival fusion oil which is a mixture of many oils and it's quite affordable than purchasing each oil individually 💞

      You can get it at Clicks, Dischem and cosmetics for R30-R38


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