Reasons Why You Should Get Your Punani Checked

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but simply an opinion piece, anything I recommend is because I trust it.

I headed to the doctor - well he's not really a doctor? It's those doctors at the health shops, where they sell organic medication, like Natura Nieren instead of antibiotics and your pills-in-a-white-packet-doctor - on Tuesday, for a full body scan, because I wanted to know if I was healthy or not (I thought I was doing quite well for most teenagers/young adults/adults), I was extremely curious and something about a healthy lifestyle always draws me in. I picture myself cooking healthy foods when I'm -hopefully- living on my own one day. Like I've always had - in my imagination- these perfect, planning and organizational skills, which I hope that one day can actually be true (This doesn’t stop me from adding these skills on my CV though). I have faith in myself, but sometimes I'm a bit lazy ( It's more of a human imperfection than a bad habit actually), you know, procrastination can be a killer.

So anyway, back to the story-line, I visited the doctor, got the scan, and it highlighted some real information, like how at the moment, I have a toothache, - that showed up in the scan, as well as my back pains , which aren't as severe as when I'm on my menstrual periods, and lastly my menstrual pains. I've been getting severe cramps during mensuration and naturally, like most girls would conclude, I thought it was just the normal cramps everyone gets during menstruation.

When I was at the doctor though, it was the complete opposite, apparently my inside genitals - Like my ovaries, Fallopian tubes etc- are inflated and it could cause infertility, but luckily for me I came at the right time, and he gave me the necessary medication. I would, however like to get a second opinion from another doctor (the pills-in-a-white-packet-doctor), so I'm scheduling another scan with another doctor, because two medical opinions are better than one.

This made me realize the importance of getting our Punani's checked, especially for those of us that would some day, love to have a child/ren. Also, do the necessary research about your sister-girl down there, we need to be informed on what foods or activities can damage her, and be better acquainted with which food choices or lifestyle changes we need to make to make her happy. 😊😊

We're living with the assumption that if you get your menstrual periods then you're  " A-Okay" which is not the kind of mindset we need to have, because chances are you could still be getting your menstrual period but there's something wrong down there. Don’t let that become a norm of "I'm Okay".

A couple of months ago, Libresse launched this amazing initiative called : VaginaVarsity, where you can be better acquainted with your Vagina. 😎😎You can check their website out here. Videos are sent via email, straight to your inbox, and there are tests too! It’s a great idea to spread knowledge about our lady bits especially because it can be an embarrassing thing for some people. Don't worry, It's not like the standard, boring lectures! the videos are vibrant and interesting so you won't get bored midway.

Besides educating yourself on this mysterious thing called our Punani, we also need to get it certified and checked by a gynecologist. They can be expensive, I've seen gynaes' cost 1.7k and upwards but I've heard that there are clinics that have the service free of charge. So ,depending on your financial circumstance, getting checked out once a year is a good thing, because not all of us have 1k lying around!πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

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