Dettol Pomegranate

I received 9 bars of this amazing soap, courtesy of Ruby Box Beauty! I've never in my life, been picky about soap and I realized I should be, WHY?

Our skin is 99% our Selfie.

Therefore it's very essential if we want our selfies to be: "On Fleek". A decision, influenced particularly by this bar of soap and the quote above!

When I received the soaps, before I even opened the box it came in, I could already smell the fragrance of it and I got really excited! When I opened the box I couldn’t help but hold the bars closer to my nose, just so I could fathom the fragrance. I immediately ran a bath and used the soap! Did I tell you it has an amazing smell!?

What's the hype behind this bar of soap?

The Dettol pomegranate soap has crushed apricot shells and Dettol's' trusted, (and well-known) germ protection, which helps to cleanse your skin by removing dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Leaving you with the confidence of evenly toned skin

Here's what this bar of soap can do for you:
  • Cleanse your face 
  • Remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells 
  • Give you the confidence you need to slay everyday, all day and smell GREAT while doing so.


The packaging is really attractive, there's not much I can say about the packaging because it's really, aesthetically pleasing.

T H E  S O A P  I T S E L F

The soap smells really nice and has dark dots (Apricot shells) , which make it easy - if you're that type of bather - to just use the soap to scrub your back instead of doing the washing-rack-soap-transfer-thing. It also smells really nice (I have to add emphasis so you know just how great it smells).


Every time I bath, the water is dirty AF! Even if the last time I bathed was the previous day. This made me realize how dirty we are, and has me too scared to EVER skip a bath day ( bye - bye consecutive days of not bathing), so much so I'm even thinking of bathing TWICE - Siri, remind me to ask my doctor what the recommended bath times per day for humans is. , and because of this I feel clean as ever and extra fresh which gives me a MEGA-BOOST of confidence, SELF LOVE and bounce-to-my-step in the morning. The confidence factor is extremely great and helping me flourish without the chrome filter I love so much.

C O N S - I S H?

I did have a case of skin peeling one day, which was rather odd but I assume that’s just the dead cells making way for my even fresher skin? Hopefully. So I suppose if that’s true then its not actually a con and there's nothing I'm unhappy about, with regards to this amazing product.

After some research I came to the conclusion that the soap didn't cause the skin peeling , but other factors I found on google could be the cause, factors like: Burns, Allergies, Skin Dryness (which is something I have).

Where can you get yourself this soap?

Head over to your nearest clicks as its only R13.95 per bar , or order it online (at Clicks) over here.



  1. Thank you for the enlightenment

    Your skin is definitely goals and that's why I'm definitely going to try out the suggested products

    1. Thank You Very Much! I Hope It works well for you! I Know how frustrating getting your skin to look almost-perfect can be!


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