COMFITEX : First Impressions

So I recently received these Comfitex products courtesy of Beauty Bulletin! I'm extremely excited to try these products. This whole set is like the ultimate menstruation Kit! I'm so excited that i'm wishing I can get my period ASAP. my overall impression of the products' is that they make me feel excited about being on my period instead of making me feel like it’s a daunting process.

Comfitex Disposable Sanitary Bags
FYI, Comfitexs' Disposable Sanitary Bags' are the first of its kind in South Africa (WHOOP WHOOP). They're also environmentally friendly and SMELL GREAT. I must say, these are LONG overdue! They're perfect for when you're somewhere where your'e out of the comfort of your own home, and need to discreetly dispose of sanitary pads. Packaging wise I think it's portable enough for you to take it with you when you're going to need it most. Aesthetically, GREAT. It gives me that girly feel but in a feminine way and a not so girly-girly way.

Comfitex Ultra-Slim Pantyliner's
*SCREAMS* The packaging of the pantyliner's is a ziplock bag!! I LOVE this feature because the pantyliner's I use are in a box (Yay. Not so fun). Because it's in a mini-ziplock-bag, it makes portability an advantage. Also, an A+ for aesthetics. The pantyliner's aren't lying when they say ULTRA SLIM. These babies are really slim.

Comfitex Feminine Wipes
Feminine wipes are a MUST-Have when you're on your period. It's the most hygienic way to wipe yourself down-there, when you're changing pads. Again the size of the product makes it easily portable so you don't have to worry about not being able to bring these with because they simply wont fit into your school bag/purse! So you can easily slip these in your school bag/purse and they can be used for other things as well. Comfitex Ultra-thin Scented Pads  Maxi-Thick Unscented Pads. I don't understand why the Maxi-Thick pads are unscented and the Ultra-Thin ones are? I think because we use Maxi-Thick pads for when our flow is heavier that it would be scented. I'm curious to see how the Maxi-Thick pads work. Again, A+ for the packaging. I really can't fault anything! I'm trying to be as honest as possible! The Ultra-Slim pads are definitely portable, the maxi thick on the other hand? uhhhh No. You're going to have to slip the pads themselves into your bag instead of the entire packaging - I'm not saying this is a con, because that's what we do anyway.
Overall I'd say Comfitex definitely made these products with portability in mind as well as aesthetics because, both of these pay a role in making us feel like menstruation is a fun thing. These products are individually retailing for not more than R20 so, you can get this whole kit (Depicted in the picture above) for R100 !!
I'm super stoked  to be trying the products out so, be sure to be on the lookout for social media posts, videos, and blog posts.

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