A Positive Attitude Is The Best kind Of Attitude

For the longest time ever, I'd been super negative about a lot of things in my life. Just like everyone else, when things don't go my way, negativity floods my mind. I can say from personal experience, that a negative mind will not get you anywhere. A negative outlook and attitude towards life is like  your very own, personal hater, that goes with you everywhere and limits your abilities, your potential, and yourself as a person. Negativity makes you dwell on all the things in your life that aren't going well -and most of the time can't be changed- when you should be focusing on the things that haven't gone wrong yet.


A positive attitude is extremely essential, because not all of us have people to motivate us, 24/7 , 365, when things don't go our way, so we need to be our own personal motivators. Part of that, is having a positive outlook, even when a succession of bad things seem to be occurring in your life. The whole point of anything negative -be it people, situations, things (like social media for example) is to cripple you, to hinder you from reaching your potential and stunt your progress.

After I was inspired at the Ladies 2 Legend event at Varsity Colleges' campus in Sandton , I've been striving to maintain a positive outlook on my life, 24/7. Things have been GREAT actually, instead of sulking about the things that don't seem to be going right,  I look at other avenues in my life where things are going right and find a way to make things go my way. You allow yourself to be helpless if you let negative thoughts consume you. With positivity you're letting yourself know that it's okay that this or that didn't work out, you still have this, focus on how you can make things happen with what you already have.


Negativity can stem from a wide variety of things, one of them being social media.  we might acquire extreme negative feelings when we see others slaying with money (most times its not even their money, its their parents' - so don't let that put pressure on you to be guaped up (Moneyed)), going to lavish holiday destinations, or beautiful people that have that flat tummy we so direly want, we need to remember that everything isn't as it seems on social media. People portray themselves in the way they'd like to be seen, and no one wants to be seen as unhappy or not flourishing in life. Whatever happiness they may seem to be portraying on social media, chances are its not like that in reality.


Staying positive can be really challenging, especially if you're used to negative thoughts consuming you, but here's a list of things that could help.

1. Binge download positive and motivational quotes, on Pinterest, Instagram or Google images. Your mood will be lifted instantly! Download quotes that relate to your circumstance so that when you read them, the words can really resonate with you.

2. Surround yourself with positive people, VIBES RUB OFF. Subtly but hard.

3. Psyche yourself up, all day, everyday. Tell yourself that today you're going to have a great day, that you are an amazing person and that no negativity formed against you shall conquer.

4. Whenever you're faced with a situation where your negative emotions are beginning to rush in, just stop yourself -snap out of it- and tell yourself to STOP focusing on the negative, then, think positive thoughts about the situation/problem etc.


Always bear in mind that, we are not all alike and so some of these tips can work for you and some of them wont work for you, the key is to find what works for you -since we're all different- and use that to help you reach a state of positivity.

Also, never pass up the opportunity to shed a bit of positivity into someone elses' life. A compliment goes a long way, so do encouraging and uplifting thoughts/words.

Never miss an opportunity to bring someone up, after they have fallen. 

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