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Xperimental Swenk recently launched their SociallyIncorrect clothing line, and I  must say its been a hit with everyone. To say thanks to their fans they also launched a competition asking their fans to state why women blue tick men, of course , I had to get in on this action because the prize was a socially incorrect sweater! you know how I am with FOMO guys, I don''t like to be left behind, so I submitted a couple of my entries across Twitter, Facebook, and even Whatsapp! Here are some of the entries, including my winning tweet!:

Of Course, ladies I had to tell the truth, because these guys need to know. There were lots of entries , and the entries were extremely funny. I was in Cape Town when I found out that I had won the competition, so I got the  Tshirt a week after the competition ended when I landed in the land that is Johannesburg. The sweaters had not been delivered yet so I opted for a Tshirt instead, and I must say it looks bangin'

Blue Ticks Cripple men is more than just a Tshirt, if you'd like to get yourselves a Tshirt just click this link, and message Xperimental Swenk, please, only serious queries only.
Xperimental Swenk incorporates African prints with all of their collection and this truly sets them apart from any clothing brand. Using African Prints within our clothing designs, in South Africa ,instead of allowing them to be exploited by international designers, has been a thing lately & this brand sets itself apart from all other starter brands that just have something written across different color Tshirts, without any meaning to it, really.

SociallyIncorrect has developed into more than just a hashtag across twitter and Facebook, Xperimental Swenk launched a SociallyIncorrect Instagram account a few days ago and this is what they're all about:

SocialyIncorrect: A Creative counsel that is shaping up the corporate ladder in unconventional ways. The counsel consist of Photographers, Graphic designers, Music Composers, and a Provocative Clothing Range. With clients such as HomecomingEvents and News cafe, This Pack is certainly one to watch

This statement could not be more true! Xperimental swenk, and everything associated with it, is making waves in the creative industry and soon and very soon, I'll say I told you so. 
Apart from the clothing, photography, and shooting DBN Gogo's gigs as well as jetting off to Cape Town for a creatives convention, they have a worth-the-watch web-series entitled Friday, if you haven't watched any of the episodes, I suggest you have a look at their amazing content. Truly, Xperimental Swenk offers more than just words on a Tshirt, Xperimental Swenk is a lifestyle

Here's a list of their social media: 

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