WEEK 31 : A Summary Of My Week

I have a feeling that most of you really like my About B page, so I decided to start a section called, " Summary of my week" to give the B Fans a glimpse into my life, almost HD, but not quite (Full HD will be my YouTube channel, watch the space, great things are coming ya'll)
So, anyway, I think I should do this in an organized way so you know the kind of crisis' I face on a daily and the struggles of being an African, South African young lady, trying to pull of Adulting but failing 99% of the time.

I woke up early on Monday, and for the rest of the week (but I'm only going to mention that once because repetition gets annoying) due to workshops that I was having, so, this required me to be on campus by  08:30 (but then the lecturers came thirty minutes later). This reminded me just how much I really hate attending class and why my decision to study at UNISA was actually a great one. I even forgot how to make lunch (because who carries lunch to VARSITY?, LAME much?), but since I don’t have a job - Correction, i'm temporarily unemployed, getting lunch money wasn’t in my budget, or an option, so I had to make that bread and butter for lunch -lies, I just put pies in the oven, and let the heat do the work.
We weren't being assessed on this day, we just had lecture sessions which were really boring and I started to question why I even attended, even though I had a bit of editing to do. The plus side was that I got to sign up for the Friday slot which gave me ample time to edit my video art and music video after assessing the criticism some of my class mates got.

Same process in the morning as Monday, nothing interesting actually, except I never got round to editing my work because my day just had lots of stuff in it - a busy bee I am indeed.

Peoples' works were getting grilled by my lecturers. One white girl, created a video art about Nyaope, (of course with a black guy as the user) and because she's white and hasn’t even smoked Nyaope or even had an experience with it, she got criticized on trying to tell the story for someone else. It's like how I cant do something related to white privilege because I haven't experienced it - but have been a victim of it, so, I can't create a video artwork depicting what it's like, I could, however, do a video depicting its affects, that I've experienced personally.
My lecturer did a video art on white privilege and how she's drowning in it, it was pretty great

We watched this creepy, yet thought-provoking short film called "He took his skin off for me" it’s a metaphoric way to depict the deterioration of a relationship, I really liked this short film, and afterwards we dissected it in terms of meaning and so forth. By the way, he literally took his skin off for her. Literally. Yep.

I presented on Friday, it was okay, the comments were okay, I really don’t want to get into it though, because they said a lot of things, I recorded it, for future reference. I can say, though, that I know which areas I need to work harder in and so forth. I'd say the main thread to the criticism was my lack of a creative, out-of-the-box, artistic thinking, and because I made my music video the mainstream, standard way, there was nothing different about it. I'm glad we get critique from our lecturers, as this helps us to create better work in the long run, and helps me to take criticism from everyone, who'll be critiquing my work.

In Conclusion
It was a busy week, but I learnt a lot from this week, my posts were delayed due to an overload of work and I realized I have to actually develop a schedule for my posts, especially since I'll be in Cape Town, in a couple of days. I forgot to add that ever since Friday, I've been in a Gqom mood. I've been bitten by the Gqom bug, seriously, it's all I've been playing since Friday, I also lost my mouse, which seems to have literally disappeared on me. It’s a serious guys, because editing blog posts, is a struggle with the track pad, I'm thinking of putting up "Lost" Posters all around the house , maybe someone in the house Is holding it hostage, I don’t know, I can only hope that that’s the case because if I've lost it , I'm confined to using this trackpad, forever.

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