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After My recent trip to Cape Town, I Decided that a blog post on Travel Hacks for students is very much necessary. Because the student life is a life of cheap discounts, budget-Partying, meeting assignment deadlines, procrastination and fitting in 8 hours of sleep within 5 or less hours.
If you're a student who studies in a province that is away from home then this is exactly what you've been looking for, BOOKMARK this, Share it, comment, GO CRAZY.

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Everyone knows how expensive flying back home for the mini-vacays you get at Uni can be, but you desperately want to fly back home because you miss your moms home cooked meals maybe even your annoying little siblings or you're simply just tired of res life and need to catch up on some Zzz's.

That you could get a ticket from Gauteng to CPT (or vice versa) for as little as R599 (that’s the maximum CHEAP price.)
I'm not even playing. I've been flying with Flysafair for the longest while now, and they're on time (in fact, Early), give stellar service and are not expensive at all. Of course you have to be smart about this. You should use Flysafairs' Cheap Flight Finder page, to get the cheapest prices on flights ever, and make sure you try and book your flight at least, a couple of weeks before, because the day you want to fly, might not necessarily have cheap tickets.
On top of this, Flysafair is ALWAYS  having discounts, they once had a R100 off flight tickets discount, which I made stellar use of and sometimes they make the ticket prices in correlation with games played by the Bokke (not sure how that works, but when this is done , the plane tickets become 350 and less, around there) I forgot to mention that they are the trusted airline for the Bokke's, so you never know when you could spot the entire springbok rugby team on your flight!
I haven't had much luck with that though, I did, however, sit next to Portia Modise once.

With Flysafair, you don’t necessary have to pay for baggage, if you have a small to almost medium, but not quite there yet, bag and a laptop bag. But if your baggage exceeds 7kg, then Adios Amigos you should add the R150 for checked baggage over 7kg but not exceeding 20kg , If you don’t do this before your flight, they’ll charge you an extra R100 , making it a total of R250.
You might get lucky and have your suitcase taken as you board the plane, which you can collect by the door on your way out of the plane, when it has landed.

True, food, when you're in the airplane, can be expensive. I think Flysafairs' snack options are quite affordable actually, but for those of you who take cheapness to the extra level here are the prices: 

Crisps R10                           Water ( Still or Sparkling) R15
Chocolate R15                     Appeltiser R25
Twinkies R10                       Beers R25
Cool drink R15                     Cuppachino R20
Biltong R35                          Coffee R15
Hot Chocolate R20              Tea R15
Wine R40                             Cider R25
Fruit Juice R10                    Salted Peanuts R5
Jelly Tots R15                      Granola Bars R15
Tinkies R15

In The Morning Food: R40
- Bacon Egg Roll
- Vegetarian Roll
- Chicken Mayo Roll

In The Afternoon Food: R40
- Chicken Mayo Seed Roll
- Vegetarian Roll
- Pastrami And Cheese Roll

See guys? I've been flying long enough with Flysafair to know what's on their menu
But if you think this I too pricey for you, there are a lot of restaurants at the airport (I know of Cape Town international and OR Tambo having a wide variety, any other airport, I'm not quite sure about.) so if you're craving KFC chicken then chicken on., or if its MC Donald's fries you're after then McGetIt. 

There is no particular dress code for when you get onto a plane but its important that you dress comfortably, because you'e going to sit for a couple of hours (depending on where you're flying to) and plane seats are NOT comfortable (unless maybe you're flying business class - in your dreams)

Always read the airplanes rules and regulations on items that can be placed into your bags and items you're prohibited to even bring on board , as you don't want to be stopped by airport security and embarrassed by others.
ALWAYS BRING A FORM OF IDENTITY DOCUMENT OR ANY DOCUMENT THAT CAN SERVE AS IDENTIFICATION this is very important , as you cannot board your flight without this. So it has to be the first thing you pack inside your jacket.

Well, Lovelies! I hope you've found these tips helpful, and that from now onward you choose Flysafair as your airline to get to and from home when its vacay time! 
if you have anything else you'd like to add , feel free to drop your comments  below!


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