The Thing About Bring And Braais

So this past Saturday, I was invited to a Bring And Braai and was instructed to bring some meat to braai  (Obviously, because it’s a bring and braai) as well as a beverage.

Spoiler alert: bring and braais work like this: you bring meat (maybe a 1kg of sausage or lamp chops , or chicken , or whatever ) and the meat gets put into a pile and it gets braaied and served, buffet-style

Not Like this: you bring your own meat to braai by yourself and eat by yourself

So unfortunately for me, who brought meat for myself, I was actually quite embarrassed when I got there. But anyway It was temporarily lived (the embarrassment) and I must say I actually had a great time.
The meat I brought for myself was added among the meat that everyone else had brought, so it wasn’t that bad of a situation to say the least, but at least I've learnt a valuable lesson, about bring and braais'
I learnt how pictionary is played. I played it 30 seconds styles , minus the drawing , minus the actual rules of the game. It was not that easy , but it wasn’t that hard. FYI: playing Pictionary the way pictionary should be played is actually a great deal of fun. So, remember that when faced with a strange game you’ve never played before, just read the damn rules , you'll be fine.

Being at the braai made me realize how ant-social I've been these couple of months, and I was talking non-stop which goes to show that my mouths' been dying to say a great deal. I really wish  could add on to everything I've just said , but there's really not that much to tell, especially since the braai was a non-alcoholic one. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not saying that having alcohol there makes for a good time, its just that with alcohol, people are more inclined to dance, and not just sit on the couch and make small-talk. Granted, the alcohol has to be controlled, because even a bountiful amount of alcohol can turn a situation sour.

I hope I've aided those that are going to a braai in a couple of days and those that are planning on having one. With these tips you can never go wrong.

If you'd like, you could, comment your own bring and braai stories, or simply your opinion on what makes a great bring and braai, and which games could be great fun.

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