The Bald And The Beautiful

"I don’t like it, I don’t even like it on guys, it's not nice, I feel like it degrades someone, you can go from a 10 to a 4, just like that" - Christy

"I don’t disapprove of it, it's fine, if it looks great, it looks great" - Sandi

"I would never, I've worked too hard to get my hair where it is, and I'd look damn ugly with no hair" - Lennie

"Uhm, I can't really have an opinion, it's not like I don’t like it, but I also don’t prefer it, if it works, it works, if you like it, then you like it, I don’t have a proper opinion on it" - Banele

These are some of the comments I received after asking a few people what their view of going bald is. It's quite shocking to see how a majority of people I asked deemed it as something that could degrade your beauty. Going bald is clealry an issue for anyone that’s looking for aesthetic appraisal.

I decided to interview Lesego yoli, who recently cut her hair, to give me her opinion and experience of going bald, in a society that’s crazed with 100% weaves and box braids.

I asked her why did she go bald, she replied: "I think it was a matter of starting afresh because my hairline was Dololo and also, because I could start afresh and that it's no big deal because, hair grows back. So that’s the motivation behind it, starting afresh, So my hair could grow properly and to have my natural black African hair.

Cutting your hard-grown hair can be a difficult thing to do, so I asked her how she felt when she decided to cut her hair, she replied: "I was so excited, I just woke up in the morning and I was like " Hey! I think going bald would look good on me" and then I decided, "you know what? Let me cut my hair", so I went to the salon and I had it cut. In a nutshell, I was very excited. I was also excited to hear what people were going to say, their reactions as well the attention of "wow, she actually went bald"

I asked her what gave her the confidence to make such a bold decision, she replied: "Myself. I'm a very confident person by nature, the confidence has always been there, as well as the me being different and me doing me. Self-acceptance played a role as well. I think if you’ve accepted yourself, regardless of how you look you wouldn’t have a problem with cutting your hair. Also because, hair doesn’t make you the person that you are."

I asked her if she regrets cutting her hair, now that she's had it cut, she replied: "No, I LOVE IT, I have a small, cute head, I love my hair. I would cut my hair again but unfortunately, I need it for something, but if I had the option to, I would definitely cut it again. I only wear my weave when its cold, don’t get me wrong, but some outfits look better with hair. Some events I go without my hair(weave) because I am comfortable with my hair as it is, and for some, I’d see that my outfit needs that extra *Insert the funny things somizi says here*. But the hair doesn’t make me.

Since the stigma behind becoming bald is that it's not for everyone or that bald women aren't as attractive as women who have hair, I asked her if people made fun of her or looked at her differently, she replied; "Yes, a lot of people stare at me and laugh, and I think that’s what gives me courage. They laugh at me, but I wanna show them that I can do this without them. They look at me differently, are surprised at my bald head. They're all like " Lesego cut her hair", "She looks like a boy".

"Practically, I don’t aim to attract anyone, attraction is for myself. If you're attracted to me with hair, what's the difference now that I don’t have any hair?. If you like me better with hair, that basically means you're not attracted to me, but you're attracted to my hair, which isn't even mine.
Attraction should be based on what's inside, because my hair will not make a difference to who I am as a person."

Lastly, I asked her what words of advice she'd give to those out there who are contemplating cutting their hair, she replied: "I think:
  • you should do what you'll feel comfortable in, and do it because you want to and not because of what I've just said, but because it’s a decision you’ve decided on.
  • People cut their hair for different reasons.
  • Cutting your hair is not  a big deal, your hair will grow back, trust me, it's not going to be like that forever.
  • you're going to feel a bit of change because of the way people will now look at you and the things that they will say.
  • You're going to love yourself and learn to appreciate yourself without these superficial things."

Hopefully if you've been thinking of cutting your hair, but have been skeptical about it that this post gives you a  different perspective on how to make that decision. Remember, cutting your hair, is really a personal decision and one that shouldn't be made based on the influence of others. Be You!

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