Pieces Of MJ

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so I really don’t see the need for an introduction.

Pieces of MJ is an up and coming photographer, whose work not only mesmerizes me, but makes me appreciate her content, as well as photography, as a whole. Trust, me After looking at her Photos, you’ll wish you could take pictures like her.

This is the digital interview I had with her.

Define photography - in your own definition.

Photography, for me is a secret place that is unexplored, a fragment of the universe Unknown, Unexplored, Unimaginable and where souls belong to.

Walk me through your thinking/thought process when you decide on what to shoot, because I’ve noticed from your pictures, it’s not spontaneous photography, but rather, well thought out.

This is very hard, but I usually think that photographs need to be very deep and rich for the audience to indulge. My thinking process is when I look at other people’s work and be like “but then if you did this and that” then that’s what I do. I hate rules so I want to always bring out the unexplored in my photographs. The process is “just do it and work with what the person brings.” In simple term, my best work comes when BOREDOM strikes.

Which medium of art interests you the most? Your love for abstract art or photography?
My abstract work, I LOVE that, it makes me feel like I'm in another dimension, in this lifetime. I wish we, as human beings, were that abstract. I try to bring that in my photography.
Explain what your greatest photography set / theme was/is and why you think it’s the greatest/love it.
Wow!! This is a hard one. My greatest set, I can say, is my latest shoot the SUNFLOWER series and I also have another one, it’s for thick girls and nudity, haven’t named it yet and haven’t shared it. The latest sunflower series is beautiful and I think it’s the greatest because there's just a lot behind that madness. I’m a sunflower baby. Sunflowers symbolize me, as MJ, strong and tall, all that yellow makes one feel warm.

How did it feel when your set of photos where selected for EyeEms’ premium selection?

Out of this world! Even better, I can say, out of this universe and finally my photographs are recognized! It was like eating Oreo's and Milk. But, to be honest, I cried for a minute, because I always doubted my work I don’t know why, because I always feel like it is not good enough but after those emails I was like “can the universe just keep on opening up”

What are your plans in terms of your photography?
My plans are to always bring out the abstract in whatever i’m dealing with, show the other side of life. Oh, and start shooting MALES, they also need to be seen on another scale, bring out their sunflower warmth.

Her photography is phenomenal , and if you'd like to grace your feed with multitudes of her photographs , or would just like her to take pictures of you ( at a cost of course, the arts ), follow her on Instagram , or email her on: neo.mlangeni21@gmail.com


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