Primi Piatti - Mac & Cheese With Extra Bacon

Waay back in the beginning of the year (from the 28th of February onward) I was in Cape Town ! For about a MONTH AND A HALF ! It was in the first week of that long, month and half, that I discovered Primi Piatti ! 

I went to the one that's at the V & A Waterfront, so besides the delicious meal and excellent service I received there, I also got a complimentary view of the amazing scenery that is V & Waterfront.

I had gone with a friend and , naturally, as always I felt a bit nervous because I didn't really know what to expect from the place and I hadn't seen my friend for a while , about five years, so obviously she'd have changed a bit. It's aesthetically pleasing , yes but the prices ? Well I guess they're okay because the meal sizes aren't bad.
I ordered a Mac and cheese and added extra bacon. The meal itself cost close to 100 bucks so its definitely not student-budget friendly but more of a place to take your girlfriend or boyfriend on date nights 

What I ordered was really good, I LOVED IT. It was a bit on the oily side but I guess you can't have some bacon without a little `fat. Our waiter was really nice and some random foreign couple took a picture of my friend and I , they were intrigued by my hairstyle which was slightly thick braids, put into two ponytails. I guess I was overly cute.

The bill came to R224 if I remember correctly , which isn't a hefty total actually.

I don't mind going back again and trying something else on their menu! 
Who knows ? Maybe you'll see a second post about the place in a couple of weeks.

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